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August 20, 2021

Marcel Wanders studio and Christofle celebrate 10 years of Jardin d’Éden

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic Jardin d’Éden collection, Christofle and Marcel Wanders studio are once again collaborating to present a special capsule collection based on the seven deadly sins, along with an exceptional Haute Orfèvrerie piece and new finishes. These new designs enrich the Jardin d’Éden collection, recognizable by its iconic signature motif: interlaced leaves, winding fleur-de-lis and a decorative apple against a geometric matrix, all evocative of a luxuriant garden.

Ten years ago, Marcel Wanders studio and Christofle came together with the desire to beautifully enhance silverware and tell a story based on gourmandise. The idea of a luxuriant garden very quickly emerged, and the studio wished to reinterpret the “Garden of Eden” and created the iconic motif now found on all the pieces in the collection. With its all-over decoration, this collection showcases all the wealth and refinement of Christofle’s know-how, with the choice of stamped engraving, a delicate technique that requires the silversmith’s expert hand. Over the years, Jardin d’Éden has expanded to encompass the house’s other areas of expertise.

“We are celebrating the poetry of the luxury world that we create together. We are proud to say that our values in terms of know-how are aligned with Christofle’s, which has allowed us to create precious, timeless pieces for the past ten years,” states Marcel Wanders, Creative Director, Marcel Wanders studio.

The special capsule collection based on the seven deadly sins.

“Seven deadly sins. One beautiful collection.”

Marcel Wanders studio is continuing the story of the Garden of Eden and once more reinterpreting the theme of temptation and the seven deadly sins with a collection of silver-plated accessories showcasing the luxuriant garden. Inspiration was drawn from Dante’s work, “The Divine Comedy.” Lost in the wild forest of sin, the poet goes on an imaginary journey to Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. With a particular interest in the story of Purgatory, defined by Dante as the most human place between heaven and hell. This in-between place is where souls who are sorry for their sins can redeem themselves. These sins are characterized as the seven deadly sins: Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust.

The seven silver-plated pieces presented today illustrate these seven deadly sins, each of which is also symbolized by an animal. Each animal is invited to enter the fantastical decoration of the luxuriant garden, created and hand-designed by Marcel Wanders studio, featuring a wealth of arabesques and sensual volutes.


The first piece in the collection is a pocket mirror, depicting a majestic peacock unfurling its unique plumage. Placed at the center of the motif, all the better to catch the eye, this elegantly regal animal symbolizes Pride, basking in its singular beauty.


A key ring in the shape of a snake bringing together the keys to your valuables. Silent and deadly, the snake represents the sin of Envy, ready to attack to seize hold of these highly coveted treasures.


A pair of shot glasses depicting a lion that embodies Anger. The king of the jungle symbolizes power and courage, along with ferocious anger toward its prey. This set of two glasses offers an invitation to hedonistic pleasures; everyone can express their strength, in small doses!


To represent Sloth, a pocket ashtray depicting a small and solitary snail that moves slowly without worrying about the world around it. This beautifully decorated travel-friendly item will hold smoked cigarettes, after a long sensuous pause for reflection. It can also hold candy when you give yourself over to sloth.


Greed is symbolized by a money clip. A toad that embodies cupidity is engraved on the clip. This greedy creature takes your money and doesn’t let go!


The honey dipper evokes Gluttony, embodied by a bear. This dipper contains an entirely unreasonable amount of honey, to thoroughly satisfy the gluttonous bear that lies dormant within us!


Last but not least, the sin of Lust is symbolized by a set of three engraved dice, each with a face illustrated with an insatiable goat, turning Lust into a game. This flirty and playful game for two or more is played with three dice. Throw the dice. The first dice will tell you which action to do (Tease, Bite, Lick, Kiss, Touch), the second, the part of the body to do it on (cheek, neck, lips, ear, hand) and the third, how to do it (soft, slow, hard, fast, loud). Joker: if the die lands on the face with the goat, you get to choose the action, area and way you wish.

For collectors a special collector’s set of 49 pieces is created, numbered and signed by Marcel Wanders. Crafted in lambskin embossed with the Jardin d’Éden motif, it holds the entire anniversary collection of the seven deadly sins in an exclusive version with a rose gold finish.

An exceptional Haute Orfèvrerie piece: the cuckoo clock

To celebrate Jardin d’Éden’s 10th anniversary the Haute Orfèvrerie collection is enriched with its first Jardin d’Éden automaton: the cuckoo clock. Its extraordinary design revisits the traditional object and depicts a contemporary couple as Adam and Eve. Adam, wearing a shirt and jeans, is sitting under the branches of the tree of good and evil, waiting for Eve, wearing a skirt and heels, who brings him the “apple” every hour, under the snake’s watchful eye.

The fruit of 135 hours’ work and close collaboration between one of Christofle’s master silversmiths, a highly skilled Meilleur Ouvrier de France craftsman, and an automaton maker, this unique piece pairs the master silversmith’s know-how (assembly, plating and polishing) with traditional clockmaking expertise. The mechanism allows you to tell the time, while bringing it to life. The Garden of Eden’s narrative world, creativity and know-how combine in this extraordinary object to be admired in amazement.

Available in a numbered limited edition of eight, this clock suggests to us that there are times in life worth remembering!

“These new designs symbolize silver craftsmanship, as no other material makes it possible to achieve such intense beauty while revealing the alliance between spirituality and humanity,” added Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director, Marcel Wanders studio.

New festive finishes

Finally, in addition to the current finishes in total gilding and partial gilding in yellow gold, three new finishes are offered: total gilding in pink gold, partial gilding in pink gold and a new finish that shows all the know- how and expertise. With these new finishes, Christofle and Marcel Wanders studio are once again proving Jardin d’Éden’s inexhaustible beauty and their talent for taking know-how to new heights.

The Jardin d’Éden 10th anniversary collection Special capsule collection based on the seven deadly sins

– Set of 2 silver-plated shot glasses,
– Silver-plated mirror,
– Silver-plated honey dipper,
– Silver-plated key ring,
– Silver-plated game set of 3 dice,
– Silver-plated pocket ashtray,
– Silver-plated money clip,

€420* €395* €315* €135* €230* €295* €155*

Special collector’s set signed by Marcel Wanders, in a numbered limited edition of 49 pieces – Collector’s set, 7 pieces with a rose gold finish, €4,500*

Jardin d’Éden collection, Haute Orfèvrerie piece, in a numbered limited edition of 8 pieces
– Cuckoo clock, €45,000*

* Christofle recommended retail price in euros, including tax. December 2020.

The Jardin d’Éden 10th anniversary collection will be available from February 2021 in Christofle stores and on the website

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