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November 29, 2020

Marie Noelle’s Spa and Salon, a haven where time stands still

Set in the heart of two of Accra’s most vivacious suburbs, East Legon and Osu, Marie Noelle’s Spa and Salon offers premium beauty and wellness services for both ladies and gentlemen. Designed and fully furnished with luxury spa equipment, this Spa’s lush interiors and exteriors have been exquisitely set up to give clients a deeply relaxing and enriching ambience, and most of all, a first-class experience.

With unique facilities including an outdoor spa and classy tea area, experience holistic therapies with a suite of full-day spa, hair salon, luxury grooming, skincare, nail care & wellbeing services professionally selected to enhance your total wellbeing through world-class service standards; a relaxing environment combined with exceptionally warm customer service.

Try out the Spa’s face-loving skin cleansing and exfoliating treatments and face the world with new found confidence. With a variety of rejuvenating facial skincare options from globally renowned brands including Clarins, CND, Nordic Care, OPI and Essie, each facial experience will leave you refreshed and feeling forever young and attractive. The Spa also boasts of its signature luxury skincare line, Marie Noelle’s Ultimate Revive Body Serum, Ultimate Repair Face Serum, and Ultimate Revive Face Conditioner blended with unique botanical plant oil extracts that intensely repair damaged skin with anti-ageing benefits.

The Marie Noelle brand is the brainchild of Marie Noelle Yakubu, an icon in the Ghanaian luxury hair and beauty industry. With a keen eye for flawless styles and a passion for exceptional service, Marie Noelle has tenaciously and remarkably gone beyond great lengths to establish her brand over a twenty-year span in the luxury health and beauty industry. Known for her phenomenal brand and impeccable taste for quality, Marie Noelle provides clients with the highest standard of services in an extraordinary way – “A haven where time stands still!”

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Written by Annie-Flora Mills for Luxuria Lifestyle Ghana

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