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July 26, 2021

Marine Dynamics – Shark cage diving at its best!

Shark cage diving at its best! Marine Dynamics is undoubtedly the best experience I’ve had in my entire life.

Based in the small harbour town of Kleinbaai, part of Gansbaai in the Western Cape, Marine Dynamics, part of Cape Country Routes offers a luxury, custom designed, state of the art, purpose-built boat for shark cage diving. They are the only company that guarantees a marine biologist on every trip. Gansbaai has a large variety of attractions for marine enthusiasts and nature lovers.

We knew we had a treat in store ahead of us on our tour with Marine Dynamics and the possibilities of sighting of the great white sharks, copper sharks and even the occasional stingray out at sea, had us very excited.

It was gloomy day, with the forecast of the possibility of rain, but fortunately, we were met with only a slight drizzle. Before setting out to sea, Marine Dynamics’ knowledgeable marine biologist explained all the safety procedures and impressed us with her vast knowledge of sharks – she informed us about the trends, the traits and the ‘troubles’ of the endangered great white shark, the saddest bit of info was that since 2017 there has been a marked decline in sightings of these magnificent Great White sharks due to Orca predation.

Out at sea we were given clean wet suits to change into, which is really convenient if you don’t own your one, they also ensure that you don’t receive a wet (previously used by someone else) wetsuit. I loved that they maintain high hygienic standards, right down to the on-board toilets. Oh, and do make sure to take your sea sickness pills as it does get bumpy out there at sea.

The friendly hostess did a great job of taking care of everyone on board, and calming the nerves of the not-so-brave for the heart- pounding and exciting experience of coming face to face with a great white, protected only by the steel bars of the submerged cage. But you do have a choice, if you’d rather not descend into the cold water in a cage, you can view the sightings from the shark viewing deck of the boat. Whichever option you go for I guarantee you’ll never forget this experience!

We finished our tour with a quick turn at Geyser Rock, off the coast of Dyer Island, to have a look at the many seals basking on the island. And oh boy, what a sight it was! Geyser Island is home to about 60,000 Cape fur seals – I don’t think we saw them all.

The really great thing about Marine Dynamics is that they’re not only about offering a wonderful experience, but that they’re also about conserving the environment and wildlife in the area, through the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, which was founded in 2006 by Marine Dynamics owner, Wilfred Chivell. The Trust conducts valuable research, conservation and education projects which are essential for fund raising purposes.

Marine Dynamics really does live by its motto of Discover and Protect.

Written by Tshepo Makupu for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

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