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July 14, 2020

Mazeej Hotel – Luxury Seaside Heaven

It is the attention to details that differentiates between borderline and magnificent.

Mazeej Hotel is the very first boutique hotel to open in the North Coast, located in Hacienda White, just about three hours away by car from Cairo. It is a collaboration between Palm Hills Developments and G’NK Hospitality to promote international tourism in Egypt since the North Coast has become one of the hottest destinations in the region especially during the summer season with its stunning crystal water.

Inspired by the Arabic word ‘Mazeej’ meaning ‘Mixture’ – Mazeej hotel is a medley of the traditional Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea. International guests particularly enjoy this combination that gives them a beautiful taste of the country. It is a stunning piece of paradise that is the perfect retreat for those looking for peace and tranquillity, complemented by unparalleled and uninterrupted views. All the rooms are specially designed to preserve the integrity of the surrounding environment; to allow guests to nestle in a lush seaside escape.

Mazeej Hotel became one of the most popular venues on all social media platforms that became particularly known for its lavish experiences of gastronomy, wellness and music along with its luxurious services all aimed to rejuvenate and reboot your mind, body and soul. All of this makes it the ideal destination to take a break from work and focus on pampering yourself this summer with luxurious services and away from all the hassle of the having to deal with brokers to rent a place in North Coast.

Written by Mariam Salem for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

Instagram / #Luxurialife