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July 29, 2021

Meros – Co-Ownnership for Sunseeker yachts

Who are we?

Here at Meros we are aiming to redefine how you look at yacht sharing.

We have meticulously combined the sunseeker dream of sole ownership with the convenience of charter. An ownership that releases you of responsibility and limitations while retaining the beauty of personalisation and exclusivity.

A company that was born from the creator’s personal love for the ocean and adventure. We focus on taking what is widely considered a dream and turning it in to reality.

Creating a chance for you and your family to own your own piece of paradise without having to manage the responsibility of having such a dream.

Giving access to what is the most exciting shipbuilder of today.

We see Sunseeker as the perfect balance of style and practicality, paired alongside our unrivalled style of management creates what we feel is the ONLY way to co-own.

We take responsibility for all owner communications focussing on making the best decision for everyone.

Equal preferences | Excellent time management

A team devoted to creating a drama free environment that puts owners at the forefront of decision making whilst maintaining our yachts at a world-class standard.

Our vision

“We will be the best and the only way to co-own a yacht this side of the world.

We know that what we can do far succeeds the capabilities of competitors. Our independence translates into a freedom that goes beyond the known limitation of other existing and longstanding reputable companies. We are new but experienced. A fresh view on an old industry. We can be and grow to be whoever and whatever the client demands.

Our focus is not to be successful alone, we aim to work with and alongside companies that can bring real value to our co-owners and experiences to our clients.

Real success is success you can share.

In an ever-changing world our vision is to be reactionary, diverse and client driven from start to finish. A company that can push and support Sunseekers in being the most desirable yacht builder in the world”

Why Sunseeker

Sunseeker represents the best of what the industry has to offer, it has style and elegance matched only by the uncompromising approach to innovative design and engineering excellence. We at Meros see so many benefits of working with Sunseeker, passion, energy and precision is in their DNA.
— M. Huber Managing Director | Meros

We are incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to work with The London Group. They have been part of the sunseeker family tree since 1994 and recognised for the past 14 years by Sunseeker International as ‘Overall Distributor of the year’ and the ‘Best in the world customer service’.

Access to 40 offices in 20 countries throughout Europe and Northern Africa, year on year the Sunseeker London Group sells over half of the Sunseeker production. We couldn’t have asked for a better hand in deciding what was right for our owners or a more trusted opinion on what the market was desperately missing. The group employees 225 staff that collectively are able to communicate in 14 different languages, this alongside the Meros team means the level of service will be unmatched by any other co-ownership provider.

The Co-Ownership

Envisioned and developed in association with The Sunseeker London Group.

A co-ownership that champions simplicity, honours your time a represents this prestigious yacht builder.

We have had many discussions regarding the best way to create a co-ownership. There are so many factors to be assessed, our decision is that Simplicity, time and quality were going to be our main priorities.


Each yacht will be divided evenly in to 4 parts. Creating ¼ shares. Each owner will be directly connected to the yacht and will be a named owner of the vessel. This will be your own piece of paradise.


The reason for just ¼ shares, we want to create an experience with minimal friction and as much time for all owners. Only having 4 owners creates the potential to share every week of every month of every season. We have no fixed system, and we work tirelessly in our management to make sure that every owner’s time is valued equally. Devoted to you from start to finish.


Our yachts come fully equipped with a complete and professional crew. We go far beyond the parameters currently set by most management companies. A yacht kept in a prime condition, berths in some of the most sought-after locations at reduced prices, accessibility to some of the largest festivals in yachting, tickets to world class events such as Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes film festival. This is just the tip of the iceberg for us. We are growing quickly and with the support of sunseeker who knows what is possible. Now is the time to be part of something very special.

What it means to be a member?

This is not just a co-ownership; this is an exclusive group of people with the same ambitions in life. This is being part of two exclusive families that focus their attention solely on creating opportunities for you and your family. This exclusive network includes invitations to New Model Launches, Boat Shows, VIP Events and Owner Cruises as well as a multitude of international teams to ensure your perfect Meros Experience.

Years of sunseekers expertise matched perfectly with the new energy of our professional and precise team here at Meros. There are no safer hands for you and your piece of paradise, than here with us at Meros

Our team is devoted to not just making what exists function effortlessly, but we insist on using our momentum to create partnerships that will benefit all our members this year and in the future. As a Meros Member you will have access to brands and events that may have felt a little further out of reach before.

Go luxury, F1, Wealth management companies, Experiences, Restaurants, travel destinations, ski resorts, Car manufacturer, art dealers.

Key expressions

All of the dream – Half of the world – A quarter of the costs

Consider it yours

Our vision comes from a place of experience.
Our love and passion for the ocean – our driving force.
The desire for freedom – our motivator.

The reality is a yacht becomes your sanctuary, a place to call your own, to switch off and just float. Your home away from home.

This will continue to be recognised in our present and your future.

Quote: “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
― Jacques Cousteau

Real success is success shared

A co-ownership that champions simplicity, honours your time, and represents this timeless yacht builder.

A co-ownership that champions simplicity, honours your time and prioritises the experience.

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