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February 22, 2024

Meros Yachtsharing opens up the world of luxury lifestyle

– Meros Yachtsharing’s Mero’s concierge – part of the revolutionary Flexshare programme – is set to offer co-owners access to exclusive lifestyle events

– The share price for a 28m yacht starts from 1.25 million euro

– Flexshare co-owners will be able to enjoy iconic events from White Turf in St Moritz to the Monaco Grand Prix and a host of other events and parties

– Meros Yachtsharing’s two co-ownership models both deliver hassle-free cruising and ownership with considerable benefits

– Meros fleet – available to Flexshare co-owners – is expanding to include yachts in the Western and Eastern Med, plus the UAE

It can be hard to define what makes the yachting good life so good, and while it starts with enjoying everything a yacht offers – cruising interesting destinations and exploring new places on a highly customised yacht of your own – there’s also the owner lifestyle and world of luxury that comes with Meros.

Meros Yachtsharing, the pioneering yacht co-ownership company founded in 2019, offers two ways to immerse yourself in that lifestyle, both with its traditional Quarter quarter-share ownership model, and its revolutionary Flexshare model that prioritises flexibility and experience.

Indeed, Meros Flexshare offers more than just the convenience of a yacht whose management, crew and maintenance are all taken care of for you. It also gives access to the whole Meros fleet across various destinations, the choice of where to cruise and where to explore is wide open, without the hassle and cost of relocating your own yacht. The share price for a 28m yacht starts from 1.25 million euro.

That’s not all, though. The Flexshare programme places emphasis on experience, and the ultimate owner experiences are exactly what is offered with Flexshare being the home of the Meros concierge. From private client events, to attending iconic seasonal events. Flexshare owners can truly enjoy everything the yachting good life has to offer, with the convenience of being supported by a forward-thinking fractional ownership model and all that it can deliver.

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