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May 13, 2024

Mixing up World Cocktail Day: 5 recipes from across the globe

With World Cocktail Day (13th May) just around the corner, there’s no better time to get creative and shake up your usual drink routine with flavours and botanicals from across the globe.

Whether you prefer spicy and sharp Mexican tipples or the refreshing and citrusy tastes of the Mediterranean, Double Dutch’s range of premium mixers and recipes will add a new dimension to your cocktail experience.

So grab the shaker, your favourite glass, and come exploring through the diverse world of cocktails with Double Dutch mixers; made entirely without artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

Caribbean Punch

Made with Double Dutch Ginger Beer, this delicious drink is filled to the brim with spice, citrus and tropical flavours! The Caribbean energy will get the party started and this punch works perfectly as a group serve. It’s tropical sunshine in a glass!


50ml Spiced rum
15ml Passoa
15ml Lime juice
10ml Elderflower liquor
1 Pink grapefruit
Double Dutch Ginger Beer


Pour 50ml spiced rum, 5ml Passoa, 15ml lime juice, 10ml elderflower liquor and the juice of 1/4 of a grapefruit into a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice Shake well for 30 seconds. Finally, strain into a highball glass containing plenty of ice. Top with Double Dutch Ginger Beer

El Diablo Paloma

If you’re looking to spice things up even more, why not give this El Diablo Paloma a try? It’s a spicy take on Mexico’s most loved cocktail! Made with Double Dutch Pink Grapefruit Soda, tequila and a red chilli garnish, it takes the classic recipe that took the UK by storm last summer to the next level.


Salt Rim Collins glass
50ml Reposado Tequila
12.5ml Lime Juice
7.5ml Agave
DD Pink Grapefruit Soda


Stir well to combine and top with DD Pink Grapefruit Soda
Stir again gently and Garnish with 2 slices fresh red chilli cut into horn shapes tucked into the sides of the glass

Mediterranean Blush

Fresh strawberries and the warming notes of our Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil mixer give this tequila-based creation a Mediterranean flavour profile. It’s a long and refreshing drink that’s suited to sophisticated drinkers who like a clean finish.


50ml tequila
Fresh strawberries
Double Dutch
Pomegranate & Basil mixer


Pour 50ml tequila over ice
Cut your strawberries into slices and add to your glass.
Top with Double
Dutch Pomegranate & Basil.
Stir gently.
Garnish with fresh basil and enjoy!

Waiheke Rose

Looking to show off your bartending skills? Make our Waiheke Rose. Inspired by the haven of vineyards on Waiheke island, this cocktail delivers floral and citrus notes that complement the carefully selected botanicals in Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water – the perfect aperitif.


30ml Vodka
20ml Sake
20ml Passion fruit juice
10ml Coconut milk
Dash of rose water
Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water


Pour 30ml Vodka, 20m Sake, 20ml passionfruit juice, 10ml coconut milk and a dash of rose water into a cocktail shaker
Add plenty of ice and shake well for 30 seconds. Strain into a Collins glass and top with Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water

Dutch Mojito

From its origins in Cuba, the mojito has become a staple on cocktail menus across the globe. This version has its own twist on the original thanks to our Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon mixer creating a refreshing and light drink that’s made for the spring.


50ml White rum
Fresh mint and lime juice
Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon


Squeeze 6 wedges of lime into a tall glass
Add 5-6 mint leave and muddle well
Add a good helping of crushed ice and 50ml white rum and stir
Add another scoop of crushed ice and top with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon
Garnish with some fresh mint

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