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May 23, 2022

Mogga Jewels

From a little girl’s dream to a fine jewelry brand. This designer’s story is as unique and colorful as her art.

This is a story of a young girl from a little town in Israel sneaking to her grandma’s drawer to admire her gemstone jewelry. Her name was Almog (or ‘Mogga’ by nickname).

She never knew those jewels would eventually become her life & work. But as she says “destiny was waiting around the corner”.

A set of events happened to her at age 27, finishing law school, working as an event manager for private companies in a luxury boutique hotel, first child born and then covid-19.

the result? She quit her job, left the degree behind and went on a journey to fulfill her dream to become a jewelry designer.

So she dedicated two years to learning to imagine, sketch, model and create jewelry. Once she felt the time was right she made her own first collection and gave birth to the brand “MOGGA Jewels”.

Mogga’s collections are set with unique original designs featuring gems in different shapes and colors. The idea not to go with classic designs of white round diamonds was a part of her seeing the culture back home where everyone got engaged with a classic diamond ring and her travels around the world in her 20s.

In her words “Most girls back home prefer to stay with the classic diamond rings. they wouldn’t dare otherwise. But seeing so many places and cultures inspired me to realize we are all unique and colorful in our own ways and shapes. So why should our jewelry cant be as well”. That approach was the idea behind her slogan ‘Dare to be Rare’.

Most of her items are made with colored diamonds, selected gemstones and mainly sapphires which she refers to as the “colorful diamonds of mother earth”. What makes every piece unique is that by the nature of colored stones they can never be exactly replaced by another, making every item in-store almost can be called one-of-a-kind. The designs stay but one stone can never fully replace the other. That’s why in the collections there is only one piece that exists at a time.

The price range of those items moves around 1000-3000$ a piece which makes it luxurious in some ways but affordable to a wide range of audiences. Thanks to her idea of creating all by herself from end-to-end saving money on the process and keeping the first models with stones that their size can give a chance to lower budget clients. Each model can be fully customized with changes in the design and the featured stones and sizes in it.

“It’s true a lot of my clients wish for bigger stones which naturally makes an item’s price go north, not a problem if they can afford it, but I want my work to be accessible to others as well”.

Beautiful story. Beautiful jewelry.

We sure like MOGGA Jewels. Hope you will as well.

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