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June 1, 2021

Montagu Country Hotel – Montagu

Travelling on the N2 highway, a very familiar route for most to take between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, but before this road was built, Route 62 was used as the primary road between the two cities. A short left from Cape Town, Route 62 is the longest wine route in the world and this unique journey is graced with quaint little towns along the way. With only one confirmed Covid case in and around the five towns in the Langeberg area, you can be sure that this route won’t only quench your thirst for scenery, but is also in the safest of places.

Driving the Kogmanskloof between the mountains connecting the town of Ashton with Montagu, one passes through an arch created by the landscape. If Montagu sounds familiar, it may because here is where Montagu Dried Fruits was founded.

The most unique and relaxing stays in this little town is no doubt at the Montagu Country Hotel, a founding member of the Cape Country Routes and everything from the parking area to your first step through the reception is designed in a retro vintage opulence. You will have no doubt never been in a building as unique and spontaneous as this one, it is simply one of a kind and totally fabulous.

Every feature in the hotel from the couches in the formal sitting room and the grand piano, to the dining area in to the front have been beautifully layered with retro flair. A welcome drink greets us in the entrance, as we take the staircase up to the landing. Even here, on the landing above the stairs, is furnished with original retro décor and an original 20’s mannequin dressed in the dress of the time. The theme carries all way down the hall way into our bedroom.

As we open the doors, a familiar pattern shows up on our bed, a feature seen all over the hotel and ties every single room in this hotel together beautifully. Our corner bedroom with windows framing the stunning mountains that line around this little town, is adorned in the same retro pattern everywhere you turn, with the soft sounds of the bustling town underneath us. We take in the sounds as they only last for a few short hours before the town falls quiet and still, and we are able to enjoy sundowners on the front deck of the building, by hotels stylish and well stocked bar.

Montagu Country Hotel has so much to offer that it truly deserves more than a few days to take full advantage of the facilities. The hotel features a well groomed colourful garden, two swimming pools, a luxurious spa and a hair salon. The hotel spa not only offers massages and facials, but an experience unique to the hotel,  mineral water straight from out of the mountain surrounding the town is heated in the pipes enroute to a jacuzzi inside the spa for your relaxing pleasure. Spend an hour in the jacuzzi with a glass of wine and take advantage of the health benefits offered by the warm, soft bubbles on your skin.

One of the most outstanding features at Montagu Country Hotel has to be the American Dream Car experience (also a member of Cape Country Routes). The Experience offers the option to travel in a 1956 Cadillac Sedan De Ville or a gutsy 1964 Cadillac Sedan deVille. The ride is so unique that even the towns people stop to take pictures as we casually drove by. Driven by the Hotels Owner, PJ Basson, between his humour and candour, we are given a lesson on how the town was formed, its history and its significance along Route 62. Just outside the outskirts of the town, the views in this region continue to stun and impress.

From the staff, who personally handled our requests and began to feel like good friends to the authentic décor, furnishings and design, Montagu Country Hotel needs to be experienced, it really is more than just a casual drop-off point, it encompasses everything needed for a comfortable stay in a great location.. The staff went as far as making sure we didnt miss a meal in the morning by calling to check when we will be ready for them to serve.

If you’re looking for something different, personal and special, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday crazy life,  the Montagu Country Hotel will surely satisfy your every desire for not only peace and stillness, but in the unique experiences and a culture.

W: Cape Country Routes
A: 27 Bath Street, Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa
W: Montagu Country Hotel
T: +27 23 614 3125

Written by Merlize Jogiat for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

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