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August 22, 2020

New Holme Guest House – Where angels rest under tall trees

The New Holme Guest House, part of the Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve and member of Cape Country Routes,  was established in 1995, is a 8,000 hectare private game and nature reserve. The New Holme Guest house is situated exactly half way from Johannesburg and Cape Town, making this the perfect stop over on your way to the beach. They have their own private airstrip and a well-maintained dirty road leading all the way to the heart of this beautiful farm to a home away from home guest house.

Driven by a love for nature, PC Ferreira and his family accepted the responsibility to conserve and protect the land that was entrusted to them. Now after three generations of traditional Karoo sheep farming, they would like to invite you to share with them the beauty and tranquillity of the Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve. They will share the hidden treasures of this arid landscape, and their way of living with you and to create an opportunity for you to experience the Karoo as their special friend.

Upon arrival, guests are warm welcomed by PC and his family, your vehicle is safely parked and your luggage is taken to your room. Refreshments and late afternoon snacks were packed and you’re off to “the koppie”, where you are to view some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Karoo. PC, his wife and four daughters as well as their buffalo wildlife investors sometimes join you for a lovely sunset snack and fire. After the sunset you are greeted by the milkyway as you’ve never seen before. The New Holme Guest house hosts stargazing and photography to all astrophile’s.

The Karoo is fast becoming a very popular wedding destination, and New Holme Guest House on the reserve would constitute a unique wedding venue. Marisca (PC’s wife) understands the pressures of arranging a wedding so you can rest assured that she will take care of business even to the smallest detail, making your day the most memorable of all. Both PC and Marisca promise an unforgettable family and friends weekend get-together for your special day. This unique venue lends itself to host a wide range of themes and wedding styles.

Everything is taken care of, from food to drinks and every small comfort you could imagine.

The moment you step into the suite you are overwhelmed by what can only be described as an immersive experience. Each suite is equipped with a lounge area, indoor fire enclosure, an exquisite bathroom which contains a “bath with a view”, and an indoor shower.

When the sun has set, their hospitable staff invite you to their dining room, where you’ll meet strangers that will become family before you’re back on the road to your next destination. A 3 course meal (with the best quality Karoo lamb) is brought to each guest with each ones specific dietary requirements. Warm winter soup to die for, followed by an unbelievable variety main meal, finished off with your choice of desert made fresh everyday by their highly qualified specialised chef and souschef with an excellent wine paring.

Experience the night life of the Karoo – the night drive departs from New Holme after dinner with PC as your guide in search of the elusive Shy Five. Even though the Karoo is an arid region, the diversity of nocturnal animals can be astounding. Possible sightings could include Aardwolf, Cape fox, Bat-eared fox, African wildcat, Aardvark, Porcupine, Striped polecat, African striped Weasel, both Small and Large spotted Genet to name but a few species, and if you are really lucky maybe even the tiny rare Black footed cat.

The morning starts with a fresh cup of coffee and a 3 course breakfast, where refreshments, snacks and binoculars are packed and ready for a game drive and land adventure. PC welcomes guests flying in, and we’re off to a day filled with new adventures. Join in on a 2 km guided walk in the Koppies and learn about the early history of the San and their relationship with nature. He will show you exquisite San rock etchings (or petroglyph’s) and tell you about the conflicts between the San and early stock farmers of the area. The Anglo-Boer war also left its mark in the Karoo and PC will elaborate on the skirmishes and battles of a hundred years ago that took place in the area. How the ants build their homes, what they eat and how each little Karoo bush has a specific role in the Karoo ecosystem. You’re then taken to the watering hole where the buffalo and hippos are fed. To date the Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve sports an impressive 205 bird species recorded. Do a self-drive trip or book an early morning drive with PC (an avid twitcher himself) at new Holme.

The New Holme Guest House has recently been upgraded and houses researchers from universities all over the world a few times during each year. This gives the opportunity to those doing their thesis to explore what mother nature has to offer.

This guest house as well as their staff is a gem of the Karoo, and a worthy addition to Luxuria Lifestyle’s reviewed collection.

New Holme, where angels rest under tall trees (as PC believes!) provides a warm, homely atmosphere, nestling in the splendour of the surrounding nature and sleeps 27 guests. Here you can participate in night drives, birding, and also see the only hippos in the Karoo. Marisca, PC and their four daughters are the owners and managers, and they will ensure that you are well looked after. New Holme is a popular wedding venue, and even Paul and Sarie (Paul C Venter writer, producer & director) chose this venue to celebrate their wedding.

Situated 8Km off the N1, 25 km from Hanover and 50km from Colesberg.

Written by Sinead du Plessis for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa 

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