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March 18, 2021

New multi-vitamin for the brain from DR VEGAN®

DR.VEGAN® – the UK’s ground-breaking range of vegan vitamins and supplements – is launching Vegan Minds™, a new formula of clinically proven ingredients including the patented BacoMind® to improve memory retention, memory recall, focus and concentration.

Vegan Minds™ is a daily multi-vitamin for the brain for professionals, students, gamers and those with demanding lifestyles who need their mind and memory performing at their best. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as according to DR.VEGAN’s new research nearly half of the adult population are struggling.

• 46% of people have issues with focus and concentration
• Those under 35 are affected most, and women more than men
• A lack of energy is cited, as is doing less than 5 hours a week exercise
• 2/3rds of those with stress and sleep problems have focus and concentration issues

Containing BacoMind® , clinically tested for improved memory recall, reaction time and retention, and Ginkgo Biloba, for preserving your cognitive performance, Vegan Minds™ is the complete formula to help you stay focused and invest in your brain so it’s at its best. With Phosphatidylserine and optimal levels of B-Vitamins, Turmeric and Zinc, whatever your age, Vegan Minds™ is your go-to daily multi-vitamin for your brain.

DR.VEGAN® consultant nutritionist Shona Wilkinson says : “Keeping your brain fit and staying sharp is important at all stages of life, whether you’re juggling studying, gaming, working long hours or simply trying to get the most out of your day. But distractions, relying on self-motivation and self-discipline as we work from home certainly isn’t helping. Vegan Minds™ – Memory & Focus – is a full-spectrum formula to ensure your brain keeps performing at its best every day and really is a product of its time, to help us maintain concentration as we juggle work and life.”

Vegan Minds™ is available from £16.99 at DR.VEGAN® for 30 capsules, 1 a day. Vegan Minds™ is delivered Free via First Class Royal Mail through your letterbox.

All DR.VEGAN® products are derived only from the world’s most sustainable producers and are designed to be compatible with every type of diet. Three quarters of DR.VEGAN® customers are not vegan but choose their supplements because they’re healthier for them and better for the environment. All packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, and customers receive a stylish refillable DR.VEGAN® pill tin with their first order. The refillable pill tin is a new innovation to address the huge waste in supplements and adds even greater convenience.

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