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March 21, 2024

NEW TECH – Lightinderm LED + SERUM device

A complete breakthrough in French beauty tech innovation that goes beyond LED, and beyond cosmetics.

Combining light and actives, Lightinderm enters another dimension of cellular response at a DNA level. It allows for DNA repair and skin reprogramming to aid skin longevity.

When traditional cosmetics reach their limits, Lightinderm provides clinical-grade and scientifically-proven advanced solutions to effectively repair and rejuvenate the skin safely at home.

Three times more effective and more efficient than traditional cosmetics and LED alone, Lightinderm combines skin tissue massage within the device to achieve deep tissue regeneration. With revolutionary French technology, users can expect healthier, younger-looking skin in as little as three weeks.

Unlike traditional tech devices, Lightinderm is not just any serum or light; It has been developed in a leading Parisian hospital for over 10 years with dedicated research, in collaboration with high-level scientists, doctors, dermatologists and bio-chemistry engineers to identify synergistic combinations of precisely calibrated lights and photo-active ingredients. Not only this, Lightinderm has also conducted 12 clinical trials on its own… product and is prescribed by a community of 60 French dermatologists.

Lightinderm recognises each skin has its own system. Operating with your skin health at the forefront, Lightinderm acts as your personal dedicated ‘derm at home’ to precisely treat skincare concerns and target focus areas such as wrinkles, face contour sagging, pigmentation, inflammation, and acne. Continuous use of Lightinderm aids the skin’s repair and regeneration process, working toward skin longevity so you can experience healthier-looking and feeling skin for years to come.

Offering six different programmes for key skin concerns:


With over 10 years of scientific research and over 12 clinical studies on the final product, the team have proven that combining the specific wavelengths with specific serums can boost the individual effects by up to +200%.

Already been endorsed by a collective of French dermatologists who regularly recommend this to their patients.

Designed by the same person who designed this year’s Olympic torch!

Why is it better than an LED mask?

The first device to combine the trifecta of lights, serums and tissue massage in one device

Only need to use it for 3 minutes a day, rather than 10-20 minutes

The light is more targeted on the skin – the mask blankets the skin whereas Lightinderm pinpoints areas of concern and concentrates the effects where needed.

What is it good for?

Supplementing tweakments: Fillers and Botox can give you aesthetic results but don’t improve the quality and density of the skin. Lightinderm programs such as Repair and Lift will improve both of these in the long-term, meaning you don’t just have better-looking skin but also healthier skin, for longer.

Skin longevity: buzzword of the year so far, Lightinderm truly does hold the key to skin longevity. Its primary concern is the long-term health of your skin – with each of the programmes working in different ways (they can also be combined) to not merely improve the aesthetic quality of your skin, but more importantly, strengthen, improve and renew the skin health in the long-term – in a way no other device has previously been able to.

High Maintenance investment to be a low-maintenance beauty routine: using this every day can forgo expensive treatments and facials that you might otherwise invest in monthly – as the cost of living is on the rise, this is a great example of a high-maintenance initial investment that could save you £ in the long run.

Sun Damage: the repair programme is brilliant for damaged and ageing skin, including skin damaged by sun exposure, working on a cellular level to regenerate and renew the skin.

Lightinderm device RRP £400 Lightinderm serum capsules RRP £80 – £90
Available from Lightinderm, CurrentBody, and John Bell & Croyden.

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