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July 8, 2020

Nile Eyewear – The First Egyptian Luxury Eyewear Brand

No matter what season it is, we’re always looking for new sunglasses to top off our look. Now that summer has sprung, that gives us all the more reason to amp up our collection of shades.

Nile Eyewear is considered to be the first Egyptian premium eyewear brand, it was launched with the aim of transforming the fashion industry and raising quality standards in the Middle East to take it into the international market. The brand was founded by young entrepreneur Ahmed Hamdi, a decision he came to after leaving a successful career in real estate to take on this new challenge and try out something different.

The core of the brand lies in creating fashionable luxury sunglasses that are designed and manufactured in Egypt, making it an authentic Egyptian brand. The brand’s modern frames are the perfect accessories to pull together any look and to protect you from UV rays.

Their collection will not only give you a nonchalant look, but it is also laden with creative, out-of-the-box eyewear; from edgy geometric frames with more classic wayfarer styles and white-and peach-pink borders to round sunnies rimmed in velvet – unique and quirky at every turn.

With the brand’s sleek and modern approach to design and technique, it is no wonder that Nile Eyewear is pioneering high-quality manufacturing and coming up with the trendy shades you see among their collections.
A new line of exclusive designs is launched every 18 months.

There is also the Nile Details collection that includes high-quality leather products, ranging from wallets to backpacks, travel and waist bags, laptop covers and clutches to leather bracelets and cuffs for added flair.

Probably a proud moment for Hamdi and perhaps all Egyptians was when Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a Nile Details pair of sunglasses, one of the most recent designs to be produced by Hamdi at the time.

Nile Eyewear is a brand you can proudly say is ‘Made in Egypt’.

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Written by Rewan Ammar for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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