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September 13, 2023

Not sure about robotic mowers? Here are five reasons why you need one!

A picture-perfect lawn is hard to maintain, especially during the summer months. Strict mowing regimes can sometimes leave people wishing there was someone or something to help, or even do it for them, especially when dealing with a larger garden. This is where robotic mowers, such as the Cobra Mowbot, come in, making the task simple, easy, and hands-free!

Here are just five of the many reasons that robotic mowers are a great option for keeping lawns in great condition, with very little effort!

1. Installation is quick and simple

Setting up the Mowbot is a lot easier than people may think. All that needs to be done is a one-off installation of the electric parameters which simply involves laying the boundary wires around the edge of the lawn, under the turf. The below-turf installation means that the wires are invisible so won’t have any impact on planting schemes and designs. By using the included pegs, a boundary can be easily established, even around circular borders, keeping the Mowbot on track and stopping it from straying onto paths or over flowerbeds.

2. It will help maintain every inch of lawn

Lawn fanatics may be concerned that a robotic mower couldn’t possibly be as accurate as a human being, walking up and down, and up and down… and up and down…. However, Mowbots are incredibly accurate and precise in their application, creating a beautifully cut lawn. It knows which areas it has already cut, so there’s no need to worry about it using up its battery unnecessarily or damaging grass by going over the same spot. It can handle uneven terrain with ease too, so every patch of lawn will be seen to. In fact, it’s even healthier for the lawn, as it can be programmed to use a ‘little and often’ approach, which is a great way to maintain healthy lawns, but not always possible with manual mowers and busy lifestyles.

3. It can be controlled remotely

For the ultimate mowing convenience, the Mowbot can be controlled via Bluetooth connectivity so all that is needed to do is programme the frequency as desired – meaning gardens can be tended to from afar. Whether it’s a bi-weekly mow or multiple cuts a week, the Mowbot can be programmed as to how often it will tend to lawns – summer holidays don’t have to mean a neglected lawn! Everyone seems to be embracing smart tech in homes – why not the garden?!

4. Slopes? No problem!

It’s a common misconception that robotic mowers cannot be used on sloping lawns, but that is simply not the case. The Mowbot can effortlessly conquer slopes with an incline of up to 20 degrees, making it a safe and optimal option for sloping lawns.

5. Even large lawns are covered

For those with large areas of grass, the thought of mowing it every week during the summer to keep it at the right height can feel like a chore, and even those who enjoy mowing can grow tired of it when there is so much to do. Robotic mowers free gardeners up to do what they enjoy most outside, whether that’s other gardening tasks, or simply sitting and enjoying the space. For those who see mowing as an arduous task, even better!

The Mowbot can cover 800m2 or 1200m2 of grass and a seven-inch cutting width, so it can be left to get on with the job, and when it is done, it will return to its charging station so it is ready and raring to go out again next time. It will also take itself back to the charging station when its battery is running low, or if the weather turns – how clever is that?!

Looking after lawns can be hard work, especially in the summer, but with state-of-the-art robotic mowers, lawn care can be a breeze! Robotic mowers needn’t be seen as a ‘cheat’ or a lazy way to get a substandard cut – they are accurate, convenient and a great way to keep lawns healthy. Of course, Cobra has the right mower for everyone, from high-tech robotic mowers to traditional roller mowers, and everything in between.

A truly unique feature of the Mowbot is its variety of designs. Each model comes in a choice of colour, with the options of Midnight Black, Metallic Red, Metallic Green and Racing Green. For those wanting a change from time to time, there are also additional covers available in Carbon Fibre, Camouflage and Floral patterns.

Prices start from £663.99 for the 800m2 model, and £816.99 for the 1200m2, with the additional covers costing £84.99 each.

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