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February 22, 2021

Olfactory Décor

The story of a little boy captured by exotic, rare and stimulating essences preciously kept in his travelling grandfather’s room of wonders, with the ability to perceive the mysterious power of perfumes, that passing through the perception of the sense of smell, can strike right to your heart involving all the other senses.

It is here that Dr. Vranjes’ passion for perfumes was born. In 1983 he founded in Florence “Antica Officina del Farmacista Dr. Vranjes Firenze” where, together with his team of assistants, still formulates exclusive products, which are the result of a perfect union between meticulous innovative techniques and endless research in tradition.

Stepping inside the world of “Dr. Vranjes Firenze” is like allowing yourself a moment of absolute pleasure, losing yourself among the olfactory creations which vary from home fragrances to cosmetics, perfumes, candles and home décor accessories, scents for your linen and for your cars; whose artisan excellence circles the world also thanks to a bottle design inspired by Florentine architectures, now distinctive sign of the brand, the city where Dr. Vranjes decided to share his personal story.

The sophisticated “Dr. Vranjes Firenze Home Fragrances”, the company’s flagship line, was created to perfectly decorate all the rooms following the theories of aromatherapy, aromacology and the importance of the olfactory memory developing the concept of “Olfactory Décor”, the art of finding a different scent for each corner of the house considering spaces, volumes, lights and furniture.

Discover the mastery of Dr. Vranjes scents at the Nettetal Boutique in Abuja.

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