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November 26, 2021

One Luxury Day – Congratulations on winning the 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Award

Tell us a little bit more about your company:

One Luxury Day offers the best to make your wishes come true.

Over the years One Luxury Day has grown to the highest standards and pays very high attention to details and organization to make its service unique in its kind.

The wishes you can make real, thanks to One Luxury Day, are endless.

We offer:

To People:

Gifts, Events, exclusive and excited experiences, let yourself be captured by the wide range of services available to you!

You can Create your One Luxury Day:

Find out what One Luxury Day can create for you … The only limit is your imagination!


For companies and entrepreneurs, One Luxury Day is the ideal partner to elevate their business, with ad hoc solutions tested over many years of experience and collaborations.

Hotel Lux:

Only for those hotels who really want to stand out from the crowd, One Luxury Day offers the best experiences to amaze every customer.

Condo Lux:

Exclusive services designed for luxury condominiums, a range of services at your disposal to increase the value of your condominium.

What would you say is the most important factor when tailoring a luxury experience?

For years we have eased customers’ lives, we have understood their needs, sometimes, even before they express themself, other times we have also grasped their unexpressed ones.

We know that to succeed, we must exceed customers expectations and offer something that goes beyond normal wishes.
For this reason the guest’s needs and details are crucial for every ones who work in a Luxury Industry.

What does luxury mean to you? For me Luxury is like a white canvas?

A Canvas on which we use the client’s needs to create, with the client himself, a masterpiece. Even to create a masterpiece like the Gioconda and the Sixtine Chapel you need to understand the costumer’s requires – both the expressed and the unexpressed ones – in order to create, with talent, passion and love a real Luxury Experience/Product (Gioconda or Sixtine Chapel).

Luxury is everywhere, but only who as the talent to see it, can understand that in every situation there’s the chance to create a “masterpiece” Luxury experience.

As a company tailoring luxury experiences, what are your challenges?

We are always searching for new ideas and trends for our customers. One of the most important thing is to monitorate the changes in the world and always discover the luxury trends of the moment.

Our experiences are always exclusive and unique even because we tail those on customers like suits.

Taylor made service requires attention on the costumer’s needs and passion to satisfy them. 5. How do you see the luxury market evolving the next couple of years?

The luxury market is growing looking to the future technologies and I’m sure that in the next 3/5 years there will be big developments in this market regarding Hotels, shops, and lifestyle.

In the meantime this market is investing in “green” luxury innovations.

In my opinion the future side of luxury will be the return to experiences into the nature and among landscapes where people still live with ancient crafts.

Mixing new technologies with old and traditional ways of living will be the best way to offer guests unforgettable experiences.

How do you select candidates for your invitation only clubhouse membership and what are the advantages of a membership?

In order to be selected as a clubhouse member, the client must have been a One Luxury day’s High spend client for the past year and must have an appropriate personal profile. Examples of requirements requested to be selected are to be polite, ethic, open to networking and make charity donations.

Entering the clubhouse the client has the possibility to enjoy and buy products and experiences unavailable on the public market and has the possibility to be invited to unique luxury events. Some examples: Luxury Art experience or Wine Luxury Investment experience, Porsche Events, Yacht Festival, Fashion show ext.

Having won the 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Award, what’s next for your company?

Our aim is to make Italy great again, promoting our country and its unforgettable landscapes around the world.

We are ready to welcome all the luxury costumers from all over the world in one of the most beautiful place on earth, full of history, culture, art. biodiversity and amazing food!

After that, my desire is to export the concept, vision and culture in all the main cities of the world.

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