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November 22, 2021

One Luxury Day – providing you with a unique and luxury experience

One Luxury day is made up of people linked by a deep passion for luxury that dream of giving you a unique and original experience.

We have been working for twenty years, locally and internationally in the luxury department, providing us with experience that enhances our ability to manage your requests. We would like to give you the same feeling and service as a luxury, 5-star hotel.

Therefore, with this idea we decided to offer our clients rare options and give you customised solutions that pay attention to every detail and live one or multiple unforgettable experiences.

We rely on unique partners who are able to guarantee a quality of service suited to every need of our client. Our experience has allowed us to acquire partners throughout Italy and in all continents. We carefully select the most exclusive places, gifts and experiences that can reach the hearts of our clients.

We organise your Luxury day, you just have to enjoy it. For years we have eased customers’s lives, we have understood their needs, sometimes even before they express themselves, other times, we have also grasped their unexpressed ones.
We know that to succeed, we must exceed customers expectations and offer something that goes beyond normal wishes.

One Luxury Day provides a personal consultant that, in a very short time, is able to plan and organise any kind of events, business trips, private parties, incentives for employees, gifts and experiences of all kinds.

Let yourself be captured by the wide range of services available to you!

For any need, just contact us, And every wish will come true with the best proposals.

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