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October 17, 2023

Opalore:The Brilliance of skin

The skin microbiome is emerging as a key factor in the ageing process and Opalore sits at the forefront of this exciting new chapter in beauty. Working with leading authorities and award-winning scientists in the field of Genetics, Epigenetics, and Microbiome Research, Opalore understands how skin works and how to optimise healthy skin ageing.

Founded by Sarah Baker, former Founder & CEO of a luxury concierge service for some of the most elite EIPs in the world, Opalore was born out of a necessity and frustration when she fell seriously ill with cancer.

“I spent eighteen months undergoing chemotherapy and Herceptin treatments which left my body riddled with toxins. My immune system stopped functioning properly leaving my skin shocked, highly reactive, and unable to cope with even the most basic skincare routine. There were regular periods when any bacteria, fungi, or viruses around me were a further threat to my health, and the negative side effects left my skin so inflamed, I became anxious and very distressed.

I would have given anything to look and feel myself again and tried so many products that claimed to support skin health, yet nothing worked. I realised that the only way to make a difference was to do something about it myself.”

Sarah Baker, Founder & CEO

Opalore: The Brilliance of Skin

Recognising that the biological process of skin ageing is different for everyone, and microbial diversity shifts as we age, Opalore launches with five proprietary hybrid Brilliance Creams suitable for men and women of all ages, skin types and skin tones to address the needs of individuals with a more customised, goal-focused solution. Clinically proven, its state-of-the-art formulas champion skin health and longevity by working with skin’s natural microbial defences and replacing lost nutrients that gradually decline with age.

More than a moisturiser

The Brilliance Creams actively treat the root causes of ageing, promoting the good bacteria and training skin cells for the long-term. Positioning itself as a postbiotic, science-backed, evidence- based health and wellness brand, with a commitment to excellence, Opalore advances the science and backs up its claims having invested in two sets of clinical trials for each of The Brilliance Creams. The studies were carried out on all skin types and tones, and were split into five different age groups: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-75 because as we age, our skin has different needs and microbial diversity changes.

Study 1.in vivo clinical trials to study the anti-ageing benefits on over 100 women with over 55 measurement parameters.

Study 2. in vivo qPCR DNA analysis to test skin health and microbial diversity on over 100 women, including those who are post menopause.

Prebiotic ingredients: Providing the energy source needed for the beneficial bacteria to thrive, prebiotics are specifically rich in: fermented biotechnological actives (postbiotics), plant sugars, microalgae, amino acids, vitamin K and B complex and minerals which are blended in a kind-to-skin preservative system.

Postbiotic ingredients: Postbiotics are the by-products of probiotic bacteria and offer a more powerful, biocompatible alternative to traditional ingredients. Postbiotics release their components (known as metabolites): short-chain fatty acids, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, cell surface proteins, enzymes and proteoglycans which are naturally present in the extracellular matrix and replace lost nutrients to regenerate healthy new cells.

Sourced from the extreme aquatic environments of the Arctic Ocean, an ancient underwater cave in Majorca and the tropical sea breezes of Polynesia, Opalore’s use of high-grade postbiotics are what sets its products apart.

Opalore’s signature base formula: Polyglutamic Acid, Swiss mineral water, squalane, niacinamide, bio- fermented black tea kombucha all have a positive effect on ageing cells and microbial diversity.. Exceeding industry standards, Opalore uses pre and postbiotics actively dosed in high concentrations without negative side effects.

The importance of microbiome

Opalore’s five postbiotic rich formulas are not just for those with problematic skin, they support an optimal environment for positive bacterial species and are designed for anyone looking for healthier alternatives to anti-ageing treatments.

The epidermis not only provides protection from external forces, but hosts a living and breathing unseen community of bacteria, fungi and viruses collectively known as the microbiome. These microbes become more diverse as we pass through different life phases and can influence wrinkle formation, dehydration, rosacea, and other skin conditions if they are not cared for correctly.

The dermis layer contains collagen and elastin as well as an intricate network of immune cells capable of fighting infection and healing wounds. Healing is a complex process that deeply involves the immune system. The immune cells are supported by the microbiome, which communicate with one another using chemical signalling molecules, sending messages to tell your skin how to fight infection, repair damage, control inflammation and regenerate new cells.

Fast beauty such as laser treatments and the long-term use of harsh chemicals and preservatives found in traditional skin care products disrupts microbial composition and balance. This creates space for opportunistic pathogens leading to sensitivities, redness, dry, itchy and dull skin which can cause premature ageing.

“A healthy microbiome is fundamental to our wellbeing and yet the market is flooded with products that favour the use of preservatives and chemicals under the guise of beneficial cosmetic outcomes. Such products may indeed be harmful to the balance of the microbiome over the long term, and the best way to characterise this starts with in vivo / clinical microbiome testing to ensure we understand the real-world effect the product is having on the skin microbiome.”

Dr. Oliver Worsley PhD, Molecular Genetics & Epigenetics Founder & CEO, Sequential

The Brilliance Cream Series

Opalore’s pre and postbiotic rich Brilliance Cream series works on the mechanisms and foundations of barrier function and skin health. Clinically proven to: visibly reduce appearance of pores; lock in moisture; improves hydration; protect from external environmental stressors; improve skin texture; reduce rosy tones; slow the biological ageing process; support a healthy microbiome; repairing past damage; future-proof skin and cell longevity.

The Brillaince Cream n.1 Nurture + augmented spatula, RRP £180/50ml

(Clinically tested on women aged 18-29 years, daily for 21 days am + pm). Clinically proven on younger skin to deeply condition and nurture the barrier function for a revitalised complexion. Heals past damage and protects future signs of ageing. A cooling lightweight gel cream.

The Brilliance Cream n.2 Radiance + augmented spatula, RRP £220/50ml

(Clinically tested on women aged 30-39 years, daily over 21 days am + pm). An essential lightweight cream that addresses the first signs of ageing with its Botox-like filler effects, fine lines appear less prominent and skin health is boosted for natural glow. A lightweight cream suitable for all weathers, including more humid climes.

The Brilliance Cream n.3 Restore + augmented spatula, RRP £240/50ml

(Clinically tested on women aged 40-49 years, daily over 28 days am + pm). This powerful formula is designed for those living busy stressful lives and treats all three layers of the skin simultaneously to plump, smooth, and regenerate ageing cells for restored luminosity. A soft rich cream.

The Brilliance Cream n.4 Fortify + augmented spatula, RRP £280/50ml

(Clinically tested on women aged between 50-59 years, daily for 28 days am + pm). Designed for mature skin or skin that has become sensitised, this powerhouse works with skin to smooth wrinkles and facial contours for a scalpel-free retouch. Suitable for damaged or sensitised skin. A rich cream.

*The Brilliance Cream n.5 Nourish + augmented spatula, RRP £320/50ml

(Clinically tested on women aged 60-75 years, daily for 6 weeks am + pm). Opalore’s most comprehensive healthy ageing solution is engineered to treat advanced signs of ageing; regenerate cells, smooth wrinkles and re-densify fragile skin. Especially suitable for extra dry and post-menopausal skin to boost epidermal lipids and lactobacillus species lost through ageing. An intensely rich nourishing cream. *Patent pending GB2315417

Opalore launches at Harvey Nichols online and in-store and on the Opalore website from mid-November 2023.

Opalore is a vegan brand and microbiome certified.

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