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December 14, 2021

Party skin: Get glowing skin this festive season with Ioniq Skincare

With party season approaching, there’s nothing better than a sun kissed glow to compliment that perfect dress. Whether you’re going ‘out out’, dancing in the living room or having a digital soiree, prepping the skin for those short, strappy, backless or cut-out outfits needs some extra attention during the winter months, when the skin can suffer due to the elements.

Winter can cause havoc on your skin; changing temperatures from cold to heat, central heating and environmental factors such as the wind and the lack of sunlight can cause dull, dry and lacklustre skin. To maintain a healthy glow and radiant skin this winter, the key is hydration and a natural looking spray tan with the help of IONIQ Skincare – the world’s first magnetic beauty wand.

Made in Switzerland, IONIQ Skincare (IONIQ ONE – RRP £269.90) is an innovative handheld skincare device, created by innovators at Wagner, that uses the principle of ionisation, magnetic skin technology© to spray a mist of high-quality skin care products onto the skin, completely aerosol-free and providing salon quality spray tanning at home – waving goodbye to sticky hands and endless hours of painstaking application, with perfect salon quality coverage in just 60 seconds.

Ergonomically designed to reach the most unreachable body parts such as backs and shoulders, the wand transforms a product mist into a wave of electro-magnetic ions before perfectly distributing them seamlessly across the skin’s surface, delivering an even, natural and golden tan that builds up gradually, with unrivalled ease and perfection – without streaks or the need to rub anything in.

Made from the highest quality vegan ingredients, the IONIQ Skincare TAN is a self-tanner enriched with nourishing oils for a flawless, long-lasting, and naturally tanned look. The deeply nourishing and moisturising ingredients in the tanning oil provides the skin with exactly what it needs. In addition to moisturising aloe vera, the skin is supplied with vitamin E, which has an antioxidant and cell-protective effect. Available in Medium and Dark with replaceable cartridges (£34.99), suitable for all skin types and dermatologically proven for sensitive skin.

IONIQ Skincare (official brand name) mission is to protect and nourish the skin you’re in, using the very best technology for three sectors: SUN PROTECTION, TAN and BODY CARE. All of the products are made in Switzerland, vegan and work without aerosols, keeping both body and the environment in mind.

To make sure the IONIQ Skincare process is as personalised as possible, the team has created an App that can be used alongside the device. The app easily connects to your IONIQ ONE, allowing the user to access tailored tutorials that help you to achieve a salon-fresh look from the comfort of your own home.

IONIQ ONE starter kits begin at £269.90, with refill cartridges starting at £34.99.
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