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August 16, 2021

Paul Ainsworth – Travelling Feast Festival

Think of a summer filled with incredible food from award-winning chefs, festival filled evenings with live music from chart-topping acts. Paul Ainsworths Travelling Feast is the first of its kind to hit the Cornish countryside.

For all the foodies out there, this is an absolute must from a Michelin chef on a mission to share tasty accessible location-led food.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience the first leg of the festival at the Boconnoc Estate, glamping and two nights worth of excitement. Alongside this, I got to speak with Paul Ainsworth himself to find out a bit more about Travelling Feast and what to expect!

Tell me about Travelling Feast? What inspired you to launch this festival?

It all started last year when running a drive in and dine cinema. Inspired by the movie Chef, the delectable meals range from grilled cheese sandwiches (a very special kind), to liquor gravy humble pies from Chef Tom Kerridge, Fish and Chips from The Cornish Arms, the best Oysters I’ve ever eaten from the The Oyster Shed, delectable doughnuts doughnuts from Longboys and delicious ice cream from Glasgow-based The Capocci Man plus many more.

The dishes are bigger than a starter and smaller than a main, this is ideal for sampling plenty of different dishes, whilst listening to incredible music.

Why the Cornish coast? I know this is home for you, but what made you want this as the hub?

Me and my wife Emma have always wanted to keep things close to home, and make sure that they want to keep it in the West Country, it’s an accumulation of all the amazing people I have met throughout my life, showcasing Cornwall.

Chefs love food and if you’re a true chef, it’s all about the food no matter whether it’s michelin star or faster food, if there are great ingredients it’s like a hug from the inside.

What chefs and food stands should people watch out for?

There really are so many. John Hooker, Nial Keeting, Tom Kerridge and watch out for the double decker bus… it’s something very special!

Are you hoping to make this an annual festival? What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to make this an annual festival, it has to work. They’d love to do this, make it work and make it something that annual. At the end of the day, it has to be something that brings joy to family, friends and loved ones. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Don’t miss out on this incredible experience, book your tickets for The Royal Cornwall Showground (18th – 19th August) or Roscarrock Manor Farm today.

Written by Kaya Cheshire for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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