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July 29, 2021

Perfect swimming pools and interiors do exist

Experts in creating extraordinary interiors, the swimming pool plays an important role in their projects. And they design it, of course, according to the lifestyle of each client.

Madrid, May 2021 – Femont Galvan Designers conceives a unique suit designed specifically for each client’s interior. The attention and care is also millimetric in the areas focused on the leisure and free time of the clients. Thus, the swimming pools that bear the studio’s stamp are as spectacular as every corner of the homes. For its founders, the interior architect Ivonne Galván and the industrial designer Geoffrey Femont, these are the trends.

Of glass

They continue to be a trend and a good choice to give a feeling of spaciousness, especially in smaller spaces. In these cases, the weight of the water is not a worrying element, as it must rest on the structure of the pool, which must be hidden under the floor. The glass used for its construction is waterproof, highly durable, resistant, very aesthetically pleasing, and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Colour combinations

Going for colours other than the typical blue is very popular in 2021. As the water is transparent, the only way to give it colour is through the tiles on the bottom of the pool or even on the walls. With the colouring of the tiles we can achieve optical effects, so that a normal pool becomes something exceptional. There is a tendency towards dark colours such as navy blue, dark grey or black, as they give a lagoon feeling, and help to give an appearance of greater depth. They also absorb and hold heat more efficiently, making it easier to maintain water temperature.


The most suitable place for maximum enjoyment is a site with height to be able to enjoy the wide views. The trend is towards pools that are flush with the ground outside and overflow over their edges in an almost imperceptible way, achieving a mirror pool effect.

With lighting

Lighting design is becoming one of the strong points and is revolutionising the world of swimming pools, and night time is definitely the best time to appreciate the play of light that is created. Light becomes a great ally as you can use large spotlights, small spotlights or LEDs placed strategically to create a pleasant atmosphere.

With special shapes

Swimming pools with straight lines continue to be trendy, even in their rectangular version, but with a long length and a narrower and more stylised width, or going out of the ordinary with geometric shapes. On the other hand, curved shapes are a strong bet in many projects, as they provide a more organic and softer aesthetic.

Spa pool

Spa and wellness areas are increasingly in demand in residential projects, with waterfalls, cannons, spas, Turkish baths and saunas. Whether incorporating these elements in the outdoor pool area, or in an additional pool inside the home, they are spaces that provide wellness and relaxation, 365 days a year.

With integrated technology

The possibilities are numerous. From the automated system that allows you to turn on the spa, pool lights, garden lights and landscaping, to being able to control water temperature, cleaning and more functions from any device connected to the network.

About Femont Galvan Designers

The studio, which has been established in Marbella for two decades and operates internationally, turns the extraordinary into the everyday. Its founders are interior architect Ivonne Galvan and industrial designer Geoffrey Femont.

Its essence is that of a haute couture atelier, transferred to the interior of homes and commercial spaces. Their designs complement each architectural style, with a strong identity that is inspired by the location, the language of architecture, as well as the lifestyle of those who will inhabit them.

Along with interior design and architecture, the firm provides creative direction, home fashion, bespoke furniture and bespoke spaces with great detail creating balance with lighting, adding quality with the right furnishings and accessories, adding tactile depth with textiles and dressing the space to reflect personality.

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