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December 10, 2020

Premiere Recitals offers private concerts by stars of classical music

Classical music lovers will have sorely missed attending high-quality live concerts this year in which covid-19 has severely impacted music performance and the big concert halls. However, solutions are at hand. Premiere Recitals offers you the unique experience of hearing bespoke private concerts by brilliant young classical stars in your own home, in a throwback to the days of music salons where wealthy patrons would have talented musicians performing for assembled friends, family, and special guests. Not only can you listen to artists up close and personal, but you can also interact with them and get to know them in a much more informal setting than would be possible in a concert hall. Lockdown restrictions getting in the way? No problem – the format is designed to work online too.

Crucial to the Premiere Recitals ethos is the tailor-made aspect of the recitals and the inclusion of the customer in creating the concert in a way which is normally not available in classical music performance. On the Premiere Recitals website, you are provided with a selection of world-class classical artists, their repertoire lists and media selection and can then put together a recital of your chosen length and content. Perhaps you would like to hear your favourite Beethoven Sonata or Mozart Aria? Premiere Recitals will do their best to make it happen.

Of course, you don’t have to be a classical music expert – the performers will also happily create a concert programme of their own choice for you. Not only that, the whole process is supplemented by a personal consultation service which assists you at every step of the way to ensure you end up with your perfect private recital.

The roster of artists featured on Premiere Recitals is small and select. 14 musicians, all of them well on their way to outstanding careers in the music world, several of them considered amongst the best instrumentalists of their generation. Furthermore, the artists have been individually chosen not only for their technical ability but also for their charisma, stage presence and communicative gifts – perfect for a more intimate setting. Relax as they chat to you about the music, their instrument and any other aspects of performing you might want to know about.

In short, Premiere Recitals makes it possible for you to have fabulous young stars who you would normally watch from a distance in concert halls or opera houses perform a concert just for you, creating a unique experience. We would recommend this as a wonderful special occasion gift. Book your first Premiere Recital on the website today.

Premiere Recitals was founded by Natasha Sachsenmeier, a concert violinist who trained at the Royal Academy of Music and also holds a philosophy degree from Trinity College, Cambridge, in the early summer of this year as a way of giving outstanding young classical musicians a way to continue performing during this difficult time for the arts.

Prices from £300 – £575 plus travel expenses for the artists where applicable

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