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July 3, 2020

Pruvit proves to be a huge UK hit

There really is no faster-growing industry than the health and wellbeing market, which can seem oh so overwhelming when there’s now just about a powder, drink, bar or tablet for almost everything in life; weight loss, muscle gain, improved brain function etc. However, when there’s so much on offer, how do we know what’s actually working and making a positive impact on our physical health and mental wellbeing when we’ve been suckered into purchasing the entirety of aisle 4?

Well here’s some clarity for you. We are delighted to introduce to you the real game-changer for your diet, number 1 seller of exogenous Ketones worldwide; Pruvit. Having very recently washed up on the shores of the UK, Pruvit has one super simple mission –create evidence-based products for EVERYONE that hep optimizes human potential and make. People. Better

What are ketones? we might hear you say. Ketones are formed in the body when it enters a state of Ketosis which can only be reached by eating a keto diet of very low carbohydrates and high fats for a period of up to 7 days. Ketosis is, unfortunately, one of the hardest things for the body to reach and to especially remain in, when many if not most people rely on carbs to fill and fuel their body throughout the day in order to avoid hunger and power their brain. Reaching and enduring a state of ketosis is one, if not the best thing for our body to encounter, which is why it is so difficult to obtain and abide.

Pruvit however, has come and conquered the ketosis game and have made living and benefiting from this state easier and more accessible than ever with the help of their Nutritionally Advanced Technology Keto drinks, which help you to enter ketosis within 59 minutes no matter your diet.

NAT/ OS Keto drinks sachets have helped Pruvit to become the world’s number 1 seller of ketone supplements and due to the incredible evidence of their products, are being used by NASA, NFL and NBA teams to help their crew reach and stay in optimal condition.

Pruvit’s NAT/OS Keto sachets, provide you with the unlimited benefits of being in ketosis, without having to deduct your favourite foods from your diet. The Nutritionally Advanced Technology sachets fuel your brain, elevate productivity, focus and energy levels, help to balance your mood, reduce brain fog, regulate metabolism, hormones and digestion, boost the body’s natural ketone production, repair immune function, aid skin conditions and anti-ageing, increase muscle growth all whilst assisting weight loss.

Whilst the effects of lockdown has had a negative impact on many people’s mental and physical wellbeing, our Sports and Lifestyle Writer Rory Pitman has been reaping the incredible benefits from Pruvit’s supplements over the past 4 months. Having played professional rugby for the likes of Wasps, Wales and Osprey’s over the past twelve years, Rory has certainly tested and trailed a variety of diets and different supplements from the UK’s most well-known brands to help him be the best player on and off the pitch he can be.

Having initially heard a lot of hype about Pruvit from former teammates now living in the US, Rory was gifted a mix of Pruvit flavoured sachets to try, to see how they could enhance his physical and mental wellness whilst training 4 – 6 hours a day and running a coffee business all whilst looking after 2 children under the age of five. With so much taking place in Rory’s day to day life, he was looking for something to top up his energy levels without having to take on additional calories, to help him focus on his business and training.

Over the past four months, Rory’s mental clarity, focus and energy have been incredible with the help of the Keto OS sachets and with all the government guidelines prohibiting a lot from taking place, Rory has managed to maintain his training programme at home, provide his kids with love and attention and spend time focusing on his coffee sales that he wouldn’t normally have as much time to do.

“This lockdown has been difficult for everyone in different ways and when you’re used to training and preparing for your next game five days a week, it’s mentally difficult to suddenly be trapped inside for the foreseeable. Rugby has been paused for the time being and so I needed to make sure I kept myself in the best condition I could for when the game’s ready to resume again. I knew I needed a boost of something to get me through the day and to be in the right mind frame to sit down and work and to keep afloat, but I just can’t quite believe how great I feel now I’ve introduced Pruvit into my daily routine twice a day. These sachets have encouraged me to train by producing me with more energy, they’ve helped me pay attention to areas of my business that had been a little neglected which I’m now incredible confident about and above all, they’ve been an incredible mood-balancing tool. I’m pretty sure the entire nation has had good and bad days of feeling emotional and moody one moment and happy the next and this was something I was initially worried about when the lockdown was declared. When you’re used to travelling to and from games each week and spending the majority of your day on the pitch or in a gym, it’s a huge endorphin release and having that taken away from my daily routine made me a little worried about how my mood would be, especially running around after two young kids. Pruvit is a real game-changer and something I will be continuing to use into the future and because of how fantastic I’ve felt, I’ve now become one of the UK’s main distributor of their products”. Rory Pitman

Rory has also introduced Pruvit to Welsh Rugby Union, British & Irish Lions, Rugby League players, Premiership football players, World Championship boxers and track and field athletes, who continue to use the products twice a day to enhance their strength, power and energy levels. Rory is the main source for batch tested products for athletes for peace of mind and reassurance, so no matter what sport you participate in these supplements are safe to introduce into your everyday diet.

If you wish to place an order, make sure you use the below link to secure your commodities before they go as supply is beginning to outweigh demand!

If you have any questions about any of the Pruvit products or would like to make a purchase, Rory’s direct contact details are below along with his distribution link.

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