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August 20, 2020

Qetaifan Island North, a Luxury Experience and Qatari Hospitality

When one of the richest countries in the world launches a mind-blowing development of the biggest entertainment destination in the region, this project has every chance to become a globally recognized location. Qatar is going to impress the business and leisure tourists from all over the world with Qetaifan Island North, a magnificent waterfront hub that has already become the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Real Estate in Doha, Qatar. This exclusive development will provide a new perspective on lifestyle and hospitality in a global context.

The driving force behind Qetaifan Island North is a real estate development company Qetaifan Projects, which was founded in 2017. The company`s objective is supporting Qatar’s economic vision by building cities of sustainable and intelligent infrastructure. Qetaifan Projects is a subsidiary of Katara Hospitality, a leading global hotel owner, developer and operator based in Qatar.

The award-winning development is located on the northern part of Qetaifan Islands off Lusail City, a futuristic project aiming to create a modern and ambitious society. As an important part of this ambitious project, Qetaifan Island North represents a new way of life and the country`s future iconic destination featuring unique attractions and sumptuous facilities inspired by the region`s rich nature and culture.

The island spans approximately 1.3 million square meters, 129000 of which will be allocated to the state-of-the-art Waterpark. This is the main attraction of Qetaifan Island North; the theme of the oil and gas industry is complemented by the unique design of the Waterpark`s 21 rides. The most impressive of them is The Icon Tower with 80 meters in height making it the highest water slide in the world. The Tower is located on a small island opposite to Qetaifan Island North. It can be reached by the train that passes by the overwater bridge connecting two islands.

The distinctive sea views will look even more beautiful from the rooms of the luxury hotels surrounding the Waterpark. The lavish hotels meet all the criteria for winners of Luxury Lifestyle Awards. These hotels will provide their guests with true comfort and unique experiences including exciting shopping, spas, gyms, opulent restaurants, cafes and ballrooms. In total, the hotels will offer 350 rooms with capacity of 1500 guests.

The luxury hotels` guests will have an easy access to the retail plaza with food and beverage, entertainment, edutainment and other retail services. There is also the Souq, a unique market inspired by traditions of QAtari culture, overlooking the Linear Park. This park is the island`s main artery, where all zones are connected together. The visitors of Qetaifan Island North seeking for the family-friendly activities can enjoy their time by the artificial Salt Canal linked to the sea. There are lots of community facilities over the canal side, among them shopping outlets, snack stalls, prayer rooms, seating, meeting rooms, game rooms and a kid’s club.
The residents of Qetaifan Island North will experience the luxury lifestyle in its entirety. The area of residential community covers 15750 square meters with 107 sumptuous beach villas with spectacular views of the waterfront. The island`s residents are offered a school, a comprehensive medical center and a mosque.

The family-friendly Beach Club is planned to be the first completed facility of Qetaifan Island North. It is the perfect place for exquisite leisure for the whole family. The grown-ups can have a great time on the beach, in the infinity pool; restaurant, spa and gym are also at their service while the kids enjoy their own special area.

Qetaifan Island North is designed to be a central entertainment destination for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards are confident that it will be a perfect place to experience an unforgettable leisure and see the best of Qatari culture and hospitality.

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