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November 9, 2020

Radisson Red – Experience the feel of real urban energy

Radisson RED is easily described as relaxed, upbeat, stylish, artsy, funky, vibey and a sense of socially connected, perfect for travellers who love the feel of urban living with a little twist. Located in the centre of everything that is your typical idea of Cape Town, with Table Mountain in all its glory behind you, The V&A Waterfront in front of you, the historic very first SILO building to you right, Radisson RED is the hotel to be when you are looking to play tourist for a day but also to get things done. They have created a space that is casual, sociable and unforgettable. If you are visiting on business or solely for pleasure, you will find this to be the place of ultimate relaxation surrounded by the city buzz, a cocktail in hand on the rooftop staring at the magnificent Table Mountain, is definitely going to make your day even better than it started.

Radisson RED is conveniently located in close proximity to the V&A Waterfront, meaning that you can get to your meeting and have a quick lunch all in a walking distance, and if that meeting just was the end of you, you get to come home and experience the luxury of funky and artsy living. The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page is a saying by St Augustine, and this is perfectly stated for Radisson RED, this is a hotel for the modern traveller, a place that feels luxurious but funkier, that includes all ages and groups but not student housing. It’s the perfect blend of artsy meets funky, classic meets fun and business meets pleasure. Their rooms are perfectly spacious, equipped with a King size bed, a desk with 2 chairs, satellite tv, incredibly stylish bathrooms and of course a view to wake up early for. All of their art, art pieces, bold statement pieces, the styling of rooms, complimentary shampoo, conditioner, etc. are all locally produced from local artists and made within a 60km radius. Their inclusivity in making use of South African brands ensures that everyone in the area are well recognised and #localislekker is promoted. The very definition of nothing ordinary but everything different comes to mind when you enter this impeccable hotel.

A definite favourite for us was the white fluffy robes and the very funky black slippers, a quirky side to a luxurious but fun experience. We were met with a delicious and refreshingly chilled bottle of bubbly and a very sweet hand-written note, making our stay feel personal and welcoming. The “Sexy Socks” gift was just the perfect touch to our stay, this brand of socks is a corporate touch to Radisson RED but also a charitable product which helps with the warming of toes of the kids in need. Radisson RED pride themselves in the fact that they have and obtain their certified green stamp, a green hotel can be classified as an environmentally sustainable space, they have made important environmental improvements and the whole of their hotel building has been built to ensure these aspects have been incorporated sufficiently, this is done in order to minimize their impact on the natural environment. They strive to practise green living and conserving of the natural surroundings ensuring a space that loves the earth.

The Radisson RED has a very funky rooftop restaurant, catering for all, including picky eaters like myself, I was so impressed that I could order something that wasn’t on the menu! Their menu is funky, perky, fresh and the best of all is you can order it however you want it. Don’t want a hamburger for lunch? Well, that is perfectly fine because breakfast for dinner is served as well. The menu comprises of all things fresh and delicious, personally, my favourite breakfast, which I wish I had every day, was the “mex box”, the most delicious and fresh bowl of Mexican goodness, eggs as you want them as well as the perfect amount of spiciness. Their menu is super cool with a whole lot of edginess, add a cocktail, mocktail or help yourself to a perfect cuppa, their coffee machines are self-service which allows you to blend your own cup to your personal preference.

Enjoy a gin masterclass in the Oui restaurant downstairs, tasting, mixing, smelling, enjoying and finally blending your very own to take home and enjoy after your trip. We had the privilege of mixing our very own flavoured gin, you can make it just as you prefer with the help of the expert, of course, learning where gin comes from, how it is made, where it gets its distinct taste, what works and what doesn’t and everything in between. From the Juniper berry, the cinnamon sticks, to the smell of fresh citrus and fynbos, you will know what works for you and what doesn’t. You can never blend a gin that doesn’t taste good, you can never go wrong and with the help of their incredible staff, you are bound to walk away with the blend that perfectly sums up your personality. Radisson RED has their own gin blends masterfully perfected with a local brand called Hope Distilleries, delicious and fresh and nothing you’ve ever experienced before, do try it on your next trip down to Cape Town.

Radisson RED is equipped with incredibly funky meeting and event spaces with a wow factor. You can host a party in these spaces which will ensure your guests are left feeling they just left a very fun and exciting place, a place which will keep them talking for months on end. The meeting spaces are in designated quiet zones ensuring you get the work done without any disturbances, but is also located such that you could have fun, equipped with only the best high-power tech, connectivity and a very fun and playful design. A meeting room like no other to match your own personal style. Are you in the mood to relax and enjoy the rest of your day? Well, their social spaces are just incredible, surrounded by the buzzing local community of fellow travellers as well as an array of inspiring art installations and open-plan design rule. Relaxation and playfulness in the mood is promised since you are surrounded by game zones, mood music, fun selfie spots and space where you can be yourself and enjoy it.

A: SILO 6, Silo Square, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
W: Radisson Red Cape Town, Waterfront
T: +27 87 086 1578

Written by Shannon Uijs for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

Instagram / #Luxurialife