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August 30, 2022

Retiring Abroad – How, and Where Should You Retire?

Retirement is a crucial consideration for every working adult and one which comes with a great degree of anxiety. When will you have enough money to retire safely? How will you want to retire? What do you want to do with your time?
But behind that anxiety lies the freedom presented by retirement; not only are you free from work, but you are also free to live in luxury wherever you please. International retirements are growing ever-more popular and for good reason. Where should you retire?

Planning for an International Retirement

But retiring to a foreign country is not a straightforward endeavour, nor is it especially inexpensive. There are a vast array of variables and considerations that could affect your retirement plans, not in the least relating to where you choose to retire.

In some countries, favourable exchange rates might see your retirement funds stretch a lot further. However, in other countries the opposite may be true – plus, the logistics of moving there may prove particularly costly.

As such, you should have a robust financial plan in place before you retire, in order to squeeze the most out of your investments and pension contributions and guarantee a smooth move to your dream retirement location. You should already have a comprehensive understanding of your current financial situation, including your projected ‘retirement income from your various pensions and holdings.

However, in order to ensure you can afford the high costs associated with emigrating, you will need to make sure your savings are healthy enough to proceed. You will also want to safeguard your future finances against economic volatility; consultation with an investment management advisor can help you target high-yield stocks and pools, protecting your money and providing an inflation-beating route to saving.

With your money secure and your future plans beckoning, what are the best places you could think to take your retirement plans?


Panama frequently tops the list when it comes to the best international retirement destinations on the planet. Not only is it a jewel in the Americas, bridging the Central and South American landmasses and inheriting the best of either culture, but it is also an incredibly friendly country to retirees. The requirements for gaining a retirement visa in Panama are minimal, and the quality of life is astonishingly high in comparison to living costs.


The European mainland is a cultural treasure trove and moving to it in any capacity provides countless benefits to the intrepid retiree. Italy, in particular, is a beautiful place to retire, boasting as it does a wide range of environments in which to get lost. From vineyards and olive groves to bustling metropolitan cities, Italy is the perfect base for the retirement of constant holidaying.


Lastly, Australia is a home-from-home for many British ex-pats. It is familiar enough to be comfortable while offering enough new experiences to fuel a lifetime of retirements. If you’re spry enough, you could think to pick up surfing…

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