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January 10, 2023

Road Trip Across The UK In An Electric Car: Top Tips To Help Map Out Your Journey

A road trip across the UK can be an exciting time. It offers opportunities to stop in small towns and villages scattered across the country that you would likely not have considered unless you were driving past them.

Some might plan to take a road trip across the UK in their newly bought electric car. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, with sales soaring alongside consumers’ desire to live a greener lifestyle.

If you plan to take a road trip across the UK in an electric car, here are a few tips to help you map your journey.

Know The Charging Times

Starting with a crucial factor to consider is charging times. Knowing what the electric car charging times are will help you to plan out your journey. You can factor in stopping times into your journey. This will help you to get a rough estimate of how long the journey to your destination will take. Of course, you might run into a few unexpected delays along the way, such as roadworks and accidents, which could further delay your journey. Across the country, there are various charging stations for electric cars, allowing drivers to park and recharge their cars. Find the ones on the route to your destination, and keep a note of them in case your car runs out of charge sooner than anticipated.

Prepare For Charger Delays

After factoring in the charging times and stopping the car into your journey, you should also consider delays waiting for charging points. As electric cars are still relatively new, there are often a limited number of charging points at service stations. Additionally, charging an electric car takes longer compared to filling a car with fuel. This means that you will likely be waiting a while before it is your turn and even longer till your car has charged. When creating a rough estimate for journey time, ensure that you factor in charger delays. It can be useful, especially if your road trip takes you to meet someone or be at a destination at a particular time.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking a long road trip, whether in an electric or a fuelled vehicle, can be tiresome for the driver. The more tired they get, the less responsive they become. It is essential to take regular breaks when you feel as though your concentration is slipping. These breaks can be planned when you need to charge your car. It allows you to charge your car and recharge your batteries, ready to complete the next stint. You can have a short snooze, a coffee break, or just a short walk around the car park to stretch your legs.

After planning your road trip journey in your electric car, you can begin to plan some of the fun elements of a long trip. These include the music played, classic car games and snacks you will consume! Before you know it, the first day of the road trip will arrive, and you will have set off to make lasting memories on your own or with those you love.

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