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April 22, 2022

Robiza Wine – An exclusive wine with an inclusive heart

Philosophy – The elixir of mental wellness

Robiza wine, a state of mind, is a trilogy that represents stunning nature manifestations, the Sun, Sea and Moon. Robiza is a premium Spanish wine born to promote the “fun-regenerative lifestyle” back to normality. Their mission is to prioritise your mental well-being in a fast-paced western world and help reconnect with your essence and loved ones through the power of nature. Because taking care of yourself is also productive.

In the rosé, the yellow paint reflects the sun’s rays that, together with the wine, melt into a beautiful sunset. White wine chooses blue to teleport us to a crystalline white sand beach simulated by Sauvignon blanc. And the red one, evokes an exclusive design of the moon and the stars in the middle of the darkness of the night.

Since 2020 we have transformed the consumer’s habit, from “drinking to drown your sorrows” to “reconnecting through a glass of inspiration”. Robiza is more than a wine, it is a holistic experience that transmits the magic and the message of love from the white island, Ibiza. He wants you to celebrate life and bring light in these unprecedented times to share togetherness, love, fun and inspiration. It is a unique concept with a positive impact on your mental health, the planet and for those selective drinkers who value quality over quantity.

Robiza wine is proud member of Luxury Spain, Spanish luxury association, entity recognised by the government of Spain.

One of a kind wines

The founders were in search and capture of an innovative Spanish wine. They found in Jumilla, land of prestigious wines, the oldest “Bodega” of the region with more than 150 years of history and awards, a unique product in Europe, the first Sauvignon Blanc Tempranillo rosé with a touch of needle. The winemaker, in one of his trips, met this variety in New Zealand and on his return he cultivated it in his vineyards. He obtained from local grapes an exclusive pale pink wine of the same high quality as a Provence.

Made with more than 90% of Sauvignon Blanc grapes and 8% Tempranillo vineyards with an average age of 20 y/o, they are grown in calcareous and clayey soils, where it is looked for the highest areas to obtain an ideal acidity.

Being the 1st wine of the collection, Robiza Sun is pale pink with high aromatic intensity that brings memories of flowers and tropical fruits with some hints of strawberry. Very balanced between fruit and acidity, Robiza Rosé is the perfect partner for all kinds of seafood, fish, paella, sushi, pasta, and appetisers.

1 year later, in 2022, after a great welcome of Robiza Rosé among national and international high-end clients, the founders wanted to complete the experience launching the two sisters, Robiza White and Robiza Red, also known as Robiza Sea and Robiza Moon to offer a 360º mystic and conscious way of living in the island.

The white wine is made from Sauvignon blanc grapes. Bright pale yellow in color, it has a medium-high aromatic intensity with a fresh and pleasant finish. With notes of white flowers and stone fruits, it is an ideal pairing for all kinds of seafood, fish, paellas, sushi, pasta and appetizers.

Selected from old vineyards of Monastrell and Syrah grapes that grow on calcareous and stony soils under the sunny climate of the Region of Murcia, the red wine is made in concrete tanks and fermentation takes place in French and American oak barrels for 10 months. Cherry-colored, it is a full-bodied, extremely expressive and balanced wine. The oak wood is very well integrated with the vanilla, coffee and toasted fragrances and it is definitely elegant on the nose with aromas reminiscent of red fruits. It is the perfect pairing for rare meats and grilled meats.

Conscious Design – An exclusive wine with an inclusive heart

Robiza’s design is inspired by its nature and its serenity.

With the idea of creating a boho style “eco-luxury” project, Robiza’s experience is sustainable, being an organic, vegan wine with artisan production plastic-free. The wine is fine using pea and potato protein rather than animal derivative and in order to reflect the sun, sea and moon, it is used an organic paint with no cadmium and lead.

The wines do not contain added sugars, the vines are healthy without chemical alteration and the level of histamine is practically non-existent, thus reducing headaches afterwards.

Gerard and Carmen want you to celebrate life from a conscious perspective, drinking healthier and quality wine, sustainable vines and using native yeast that gives it authenticity.

Robiza joins the new generation of conscious brands that put the planet first.

About us

Carmen and Gerard, curious and globetrotters, found in Ibiza a special place to relax and be inspired. Born in Barcelona, they have a wide professional career in Ibiza and Dubai working for VIP clients, who were involved from the beginning with their exquisite tastes as a reference to create the Robiza brand.

Carmen, with a wide international experience in luxury hotel branding and private aviation in companies like Bvlgari Resort Dubai, embodies its identity in the brand’s values. She wishes to convey through Robiza the mindful lifestyle of Ibiza to promote inspiration and mental health.

Gerard, an entrepreneur within the spirit industry brings almost over a decade of Ibiza’s background and knows precisely the market trends. He reflects its knowledge through a sophisticated bottle, offering an eco-luxury concept demanded by its customers.

This project is made with love and arises from the emotional leverage of 2020. Robiza, “a glass of inspiration”, is part of your transformation towards a more conscious life.

“We feel the need to go back to the origins, stop and give value to what is important, quality over quantity in all aspects.”

Where to Enjoy it – A glass of inspiration

Robiza is located in high-end restaurants and beach clubs where the client appreciates a holistic experience, from a category wine to a careful design with which it connects and makes them vibrate high. The wine is also for sale in gourmet stores, online shop and with Drink Home Ibiza’s 24-hour home delivery service.

Carmen Romero and Gerard Martínez
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