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December 4, 2020

Roxy’s award winning Warmlink Technology

Days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping.

Thoughts of winter sceneries come to mind, sparkling snow and magical frosty nights. But do we ​really​ have to deal with feeling so cold for the next couple of months?

As far as ROXY is concerned, the answer is no!

A unique heating pad to warm you up from the core

Introducing ​Warmlink​, ROXY’s award-winning technology that puts a definite stop to freezing in the winter. Featuring a ​heating pad​ woven directly into the back of the jacket, it provides diffuse heat that warms your body up straight from the core.

Managed via an app or via the button integrated in the jacket, it offers ​controllable levels of heat​, to make sure you feel comfortable in all situations.

The technology is safe and washable, and so light you won’t even feel it!

On the slopes? In city streets? Pick your Jacket!

And because we all need a little more warmth in our lives, the Warmlink technology is available in both a winter jacket and in a technical outfit.

From the streets of New York, Montreal or London, we all know the discomfort that comes with navigating an urban life in the dead of winter. The ​ELLIE​ jacket comes in a classic khaki hue, offers a comfortable fit and warm lining in the pockets for added comfort. And with the addition of the Warmlink technology, you’ll never have to freeze on your way to work again!

Care to make things more performance-driven? ​PREMIERE Snow​ has it all. Breathable, lightweight and timelessly chic, the outfit is eco-fabricated and designed for harsh conditions. Plus, with Warmlink, chairlift rides will now be a breeze.

From left to right: ROXY’s Ellie Jacket; ROXY’s Premiere Snow jacket, exterior and interior

Comfort is of the essence

To top off the experience, enjoy the addition of ROXY ​Hydrosmart Technology​ to both the Ellie Jacket and Premiere Snow.

Designed to care for your skin, ROXY Hydrosmart is an all-natural moisturizing formula that was integrated to the collar and pockets of the jackets. When exposed to everyday friction, the nourishing microcapsules set in the fabric burst, releasing an organic, skin-soothing formula designed to protect you from cold-induced rashes.
All set for a winter filled with comfort and care!

ROXY’s Premiere Snow and Ellie Jacket will be available as of November 11, 2020, on roxy.com and in select stores worldwide.

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