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December 21, 2022

Scorpion Yacht Club – The more affordable and hassle-free option

With a Scorpion Yacht Membership, you can experience the joys of yachting without any of the stress, from planning and preparation to cleaning and maintenance. Just sit back, relax, and let us take care to create memories on the open water. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore hidden coves and relax in the sun with your friends and family.

Dirk Oerlemans, the founder of the renowned luxury yacht company Scorpion Yachts, has been a success story since 1996. His founding of the prestigious Scorpion Yachts in Amsterdam has put the brand on the map of the world’s most luxurious marinas. Scorpion Yachts has an impressive charter fleet worth over $8 million and is present in some of the world’s most exclusive locations, including Miami, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Mallorca, and St. Tropez, and will soon expand to Dubai. Get ready to experience a new level of luxury cruising with Scorpion Yachts.

Our exclusive memberships offer access to our amazing collection of 40, 46, and 50-foot boats in the most luxurious harbors in the world that are all first-class and provide beautiful, clean, and family-friendly environments. The charter yachts remain exclusive because they are completely handmade and manufactured in the Netherlands. It can take up to 8 months to fully customize the model to the needs of our clients, but its unique design makes it worth the wait.

It is the perfect daily boat to explore the beaches and sunbathe in ultimate elegance and comfort. By shortening the sides of the hull, a spacious sundeck is created that gives you the unique feeling of being on the beach while floating on the water. The technologically advanced design of the yacht also comes with the ability to lift the outboard engines out of the water, enabling direct beach access for more beach vibes. Relax on a large deck with comfortable seating and a top-of-the-line sound system. By combining Dutch craftsmanship and a sleek design, Scorpion Yachts ensures a special and safe day on the water in style.

With our limited number of memberships per yacht, you can make two half-day reservations per week and two overnight bookings per month with unlimited last-minute bookings. With our SYC app, you can easily book your yacht and bring up to 10 guests per outing, and you get access to a variety of water toys, including skis, wakeboards, tubes, and vests. Plus, you can also earn up to 50% of your annual fee by offering your profitable high-season days to us for external charters. We offer a much better deal when comparing the cost of owning a boat to becoming a member. Our membership is an easy, fun, and affordable alternative to renting, leasing, or buying a boat.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity; we only have a few memberships available. Apply now and join us for a Scorpion Yacht Drink where we will provide more information. We also have a few sea trials for aspiring members.

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