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December 11, 2021

Sea Change – eco-conscious wine brand helping to protect our oceans

Sea Change is a fantastic, eco-conscious wine brand with two great passions; helping to protect our oceans and great tasting wine. The team takes pride in the removal of the unnecessary plastic wrap around the cork and using renewable plant-based closures. Additionally, its materials come from sustainably managed forests (FSC) and are made in part from grape waste.

Each wine is identifiable by a different sea animal label, hand-drawn with plastic hidden
inside them. These beautifully illustrated labels were created by Sea Change’s brilliant graphic designer, Katie, to show the ongoing dangers of plastic pollution – reminding people why we need to protect these creatures and their environment.

Plus, with every bottle of Sea Change sold a donation is made to their marine charity partners. The donations support many different types of projects: from driving environmental awareness with governments and industry to set up sanctuaries and small local beach cleans. To date, they have raised over 150K.

Behind Sea Change is 10 International, a family-owned wine company that strongly believes that businesses have a responsibility to the environment. They came up with the idea for Sea Change after discussing the issue of single-use plastic with a Canadian customer at a global wine fair. What started as a casual discussion about the rubbish being washed up on the shores of British Columbia became the start of a new brand, with a mission to turn the tide on plastic pollution in our seas and oceans.

It was time to take action and in 2018, the concept of Sea Change came to light. Sea Change is proud to now be sold in 15 countries around the world and expect this number to continue to rise. Furthermore, Sea Change generates reverse enquiries on a daily basis, whether they be from major drinks distributors, international hotel chains, famous aquariums or couples asking for the wine to be served on their special day.

Since Sea Change launched, its original list of two UK based charity partners has grown to 11 located all over the world. These fantastic organisations include its global partner Ocean Generation along with regional partners that benefit from sales within a given territory for example Sea-Changers (UK), The Olive Ridley Project (Indian Ocean) and Clean Coasts (Ireland).

Sea Change has an extensive range of wines available that are suited to all tastes:

Full of guaranteed crowd-pleasers, their range of whites are perfect simply on their own as an aperitif or served alongside seafood or white meat dishes. The range includes a mouth-watering and zesty Sauvignon Blanc – the perfect accompaniment to cosy, candle-lit dinners or fine dining occasions. Additionally, the delicate Pinot Grigio is full of bright citrus fruit: the zest of ripe lemons is married beautifully with the delicate floral notes of Jasmine and Orange Blossom. On the palate, the wine’s lively acidity and underlying minerality make it mouth-wateringly moreish. Finally, the exquisitely balanced Riesling bursts with ripe fruit and zingy acidity, making it an unbelievable match for sharing with guests.

For those with a sweeter palate, the delicate Provence Rosé hails from award-winning Château Pigoudet and is packed full of zesty grapefruit, delicate white peach and tropical pineapple flavours – just perfect when paired with lighter dishes such as starters and canapés.

The warming reds range includes a popular Merlot, plus two lesser-known varietals, Negroamaro and Bobal. The Merlot is full-bodied and decadent, with soft tannins that complement the ripe berry flavours, making it wonderfully easy to drink. The award-winning Negroamaro hails from the Southern Italian region of Puglia, and bursts with vibrancy for the most relaxing evening drink by the fire. Finally, Bobal brings a new varietal to the collection with the first organic red wine. Balancing intensity with vibrant flavours of red and black fruit, such as cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant, this wine is easily sipped with a beautiful, long finish.

In addition to these, Sea Change offers a Prosecco and Prosecco Rosé for those who enjoy something with a touch of sparkle. Vibrant and fun, the Prosecco Rosé bursts with red fruit and celebratory fizz, combining everything that we love from Prosecco and Rosé, making it the perfect choice as an aperitif or glass to raise at celebrations. Alternatively opt for the classic Prosecco, which simply bursts with gentle, fruity flavours and fine, streaming bubbles, and is perfect for celebrating in true, traditional style.

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