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February 18, 2022

Sea Containers London’s spa aqua introduces Winter Hedgerow

This January, renowned spa agua at Sea Containers London will introduce Winter Hedgerow, a seasonal line of sustainable house-made products which have been incorporated into the agua signature treatment menu. Seasonal Winter ingredients, including Elderberry, Dog Rose Blossom and Hip, and Thyme, which focus on nurture, hibernation, rest, and resilience ahead of the Spring months, will be added to agua’s Hedgerow treatments.

The Hedgerow by agua core product range is complemented by a seasonal line of products that are delivered through compresses, scrubs and hand and foot baths. Inspired by British hedgerows and the indigenous flora that can be found within them, Hedgerow by agua’s products have been created using local, botanical ingredients that can be nurtured in urban communities and city environments such as London’s Southbank. For Winter, the complementary Hedgerow ingredients will focus on the decongesting, circulatory and anti-viral uses of Rosehips, Elderberry and Thyme by gently working to support our body’s natural immunity and restoring our own natural defenses to balance our health.

Regional Director for ESG, Lore Group London, Jacqueline Kneebone, comments: “Winter is a time where we sleep with nature whilst we wait for light and warmth to return. By using specific seasonal products, such as rosehips, elderberry, and thyme in winter, we can utilise the wide range of benefits they have for body and mind. With elderberries rich in antioxidant vitamins and with a history of warding off colds and flu and thyme used to relieve aching joints.”

The introduction of Winter Hedgerow to agua will coincide with the launch of Vol. V of Sea Containers London’s NHS campaign. After the success of their NHS ‘Nominate Your Hero’ campaign at the start of the pandemic, where the hotel threw open its doors to NHS workers, giving away hundreds of free stays to deserving individuals as a way of giving back, Sea Containers London has since continued the campaign in support of NHS workers. In this new installation, the hotel will celebrate all that the UK’s NHS workers do for us by offering 100 complimentary agua advanced massage treatments over 10 weeks for a select lucky few NHS workers, to help nurture and protect through the winter months.

Agua spa will create a social media competition in conjunction with Sea Containers London where guests, friends and followers can nominate a friend or relative who works for the NHS. There will be ten winners a week picked at random who will receive a complimentary 30 minutes agua advanced treatment at the spa. In addition to this, Sea Containers London will host a Health & Hedonism wellness event on Monday 7 February in 12th Knot, which will be free exclusively to all NHS workers to book and attend.

Treatments available using WINTER HEDGEROW by agua products include*:

Agua Advanced Bodywork – from £110

A customised therapeutic treatment focusing on pain relief, deep tissue or sports therapy using a warming salve of Comfrey, St John’s Wort, Peppermint and Rosemary.

Bust Blossom – from £110

A bespoke bust massage using HEDGEROW by agua’s Marigold, Rosehip and Lemon Balm remedies to release tension in the spine and shoulder girdle.

Maternity Massage – from £110

Pregnancy massage using advanced techniques and Marigold and Lemon Balm remedies performed on warm hydrothermal water cushions (up to 32 weeks only).

Spa Manicure or Pedicure – from £55

Spa manicure and pedicure treatments include a seasonal herbal scrub and massage with nourishing body butter of Rosemary, St John’s Wort, Marigold and Lemon Balm.

Hot Oil Manicure or Pedicure – from £55

Restorative treatment using Japanese techniques and HEDGEROW by agua products including Rosemary, St John’s Wort, Marigold and Lemon Balm (no polish applied).

Centred around sustainability and self-sufficiency, HEDGEROW by agua aims to educate and inspire guests, renewing their understanding of local flora and how we can harness nature to be healthy and provide care to ourselves and loved ones.

For further information on agua London at Sea Containers London or to book a treatment, please visit here, call 020 3747 1010, or email here.

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