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December 17, 2020

Senyo Foli building a world-class brand – sophisticated, sexy and classy

Senyo Foli is a Ghanaian men’s luxury brand, whose hallmark is to create exciting unique pieces. Creative Designer, Senyo Foli, has been in the African fashion industry since 2004 and launched his brand in 2010. He describes himself as a creator of art. “Every piece, a new canvas, every design a potential masterpiece.”

His biggest influence is ancient history, which inspires his approach to design. Strength, quality, grandeur, subtle sophistication and originality – superlatives that best describe the style of the brand. Some have described this Ghanaian designer as intense, meticulous and a perfectionist; and Clients have often acknowledged his fabric selection as one of his strong points.

As Head designer and Founder, Senyo Foli has worked for some of the best-known fashion brands in the country, gaining experience from the likes of Kwesi Nti, where he was responsible for the women’s line. He also worked at MKOGH, where he designed streetwear and t-shirt applique.

Operating from their base in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, West Africa, the company’s goal to build a world-class brand that is strong, sophisticated, sexy and classy is being recognised as they boast a client base that stretches all over the world. From across Africa to Poland, Malaysia and Mexico, his pieces have resonated across the globe.
This luxury brand employs all sorts of quality traditional African materials, silk, cotton, rayon, wools, leather and anything that inspires to achieve classy original Afrocentric collections with a constant modern focus.; and has featured in Accra Fashion week, Wearable Art Collective showcase, New York Fashion Week, among others. Attention to details, design and uniqueness of every piece, is the hallmark of Senyo Foli, the African fashion brand that makes men and women’s clothing.

According to the founder, at Senyo Foli every piece a new canvas, and every design is a work of art that endeavours to make every client ‘a walking Mona Lisa.’

“We don’t just manufacture clothes; we design them in the classic sense of the word. Our brand represents quality bespoke clothing and tailoring with a touch of class.”

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