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September 19, 2023

Sheep Inc. Next generation knitwear

SHEEP INC. would be next up with its next-generation knitwear essentials with a naturally carbon-negative footprint and temperature regulation. Sheep Inc. is a pioneering clothing brand that uses proprietary technology and supply chain innovation to deliver next-generation knitwear essentials with a naturally carbon-negative footprint. Achieved by working with cutting-edge regenerative farms and supply chain partners that run on 100% solar power.

Custom-built supply chain technology gives real-time insight into production processes and NFC technology is integrated into each supremely soft garment. A tap of the phone shows each garment’s unique digital fingerprint. Giving detailed information about the environmental impact and background about the farms and manufacturers. It even connects you with a sheep from the same farm the garment’s wool is from. Sheep Inc. aims to fundamentally change how we view and purchase clothing. Delivering best-in-class products with a unique customer experience and unparalleled sustainable credentials.


Crafted with a Purpose from super-fine Merino wool. This isn’t just another sweater. It’s an homage to Omarama Station and the regenerative farming practices that Sheep Inc. stands for. The Merino wool, ethically sourced and skilfully woven, tells a tale of sustainable choices and the marriage of fashion with responsibility.

Sheep Inc.’s knitwear is crafted using Eternity X-Care® Merino yarn, spun from hand-selected fleeces and sourced from non-mulesed New Zealand sheep. The result is knitwear that’s as soft as cashmere with the technical benefits of Merino – offering breathability, body temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties. All-Natural and Biodegradable: Merino wool is a renewable and biodegradable fibre that naturally breaks down without harming the environment.

When your cherished knits reach the end of their life cycle, they can return to the earth, completing the circle of sustainability. When we started looking for our wool partner, we prioritised finding the highest quality with the lowest impact. It soon became clear that ZQ certified Sheep Stations in New Zealand were the answer. ZQ certification is the hallmark of integrity for farmers committed to ethical wool production, from the treatment of sheep and land management to fibre quality.We wanted wool that keeps you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. These fibres are unique to places with harsh winters and scorching summers like the South Island of New Zealand.


While other brands harp on about their sustainability efforts without taking much action, Sheep Inc. is all about real change. As touched upon, the brand is completely carbon-negative, meaning its manufacturing processes must naturally store more CO2e than they produce. All wool comes exclusively from farms that adopt regenerative farming methods, which entails carefully managing the integration of flora and fauna on their land, to ensure natural carbon sequestration that mitigates the traditional impact of farming. All garments are then produced in Europe by supply chain partners using renewable electricity, chlorine-free treatments and zero-waste knitting processes for minimal environmental impact.

100% Visibility & your own sheep

Using proprietary supply chain technology, Sheep Inc. is able to track the entire provenance of each individual garment. From the person who hand-finished the knit, to the farm that provided the wool. Not only that, but they can also connect you with a sheep from the same farm the knit’s wool is from. To bring you back in touch, each garment comes with a (removable) NFC chip in its hem that with a simple tap of the phone gives digital access to the full creation story and your sheep!

Additional impact

In addition to its internal sustainable commitments, Sheep Inc. invests 3% of its revenue into biodiversity projects within its own supply chain. Each project is carefully selected using data research to analyse where focus and impact is most needed. As you can never have enough of a positive impact.

Sheep Inc. The Beginning.

Sheep Inc. was founded in 2019 by Michael Wessely and Edzard van der Wyck upon the premise of creating knitwear that looks good, does good, and feels good. Every year the fashion industry pumps out more than a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, making it one of the most polluting industries in the world. Sheep Inc. was created to prove that there can be a new way of doing fashion, where the clothes we buy are no longer part of the problem, but part of the solution.

Not content with carbon neutrality, the London-based knitwear label has taken things one step further, becoming the world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand. If you’re looking for luxuriously cosy knitwear that goes easy on the planet, look no further than Sheep Inc. The company is constantly looking to improve its impact, coming up with innovative solutions to avert the current course society is on. Super soft, hand-finished Merino wool sweaters. Designed for life. With traceable, uncompromised origins and perfect unisex designs.

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