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June 8, 2021

Signs You’re More Well Off Than You Think

Sipping a cocktail on the beach on a Wednesday… driving fast cars through winding canyons… skydiving with your favorite actor… that might not be you (yet!). But a luxury lifestyle should be how you live with what you already have.

With the right mindset, you can come to realize you’ve been living the high life this whole time. Always comparing yourself to someone who has more will never make you happy.

So let’s all take a deep breath and find out you’re doing much better than you think!

You Treat Yourself

Carving out time to give yourself a present will elevate your point of view. Start small with something like cool phone cases with casely and then you can build up to that spa weekend you’ve been craving.

Even if you just let yourself unplug from your devices and have “me-time” every day, you’re doing better than most people. The most luxurious thing you can do is take it easy, and it’s not your surroundings that help you relax but finding inner calm.

You Save

If you are treating yourself, that means you’ve been able to save your money. Lottery winners often lose their money within 10 years. Being rich is about being savvy with your money, not spending wildly.

It is never too late to start saving or saving more. You can even set up your bank account to automatically transfer money from your checking account to your savings account, so you won’t even think about it.

The more you save today, the more you can treat yourself tomorrow.

You’re Driven By Passion

You will never feel rich if you are obsessed with money. Follow your dreams and passions, and your reward will be a lifetime of intellectual pursuits, not stacks of cash.

Wealthy people are not comparing their bank accounts with other wealthy people. They discuss their businesses and enthusiasm for the work, not the reward from it.

Sure, money can buy happiness, but only up to a point. Once the necessities are covered, you’ll only encounter new problems and new, larger expenses.

You Set Goals and Achieve Them

Giving yourself actionable goals will make you feel more accomplished and proud of yourself. This could be making a year-long savings goal or taking a risk to apply for a better-paying job.

To set goals, you have to know what you want, which can be the hardest part of life. Your objectives will change and morph over time, but having them is the key to success. Successful people are seldom bored as they are always eager for the next challenge ahead.

Do not put it off and make a goal you can accomplish by the end of today… tomorrow… next week… even next year!

Time Is More Important Than Money To You

Some people consider themselves rich if they can have a backyard barbeque with all their friends on the weekend. Controlling your own time is a power many people lack. Everyone is held down by jobs, family members, or other obligations.

But to make your own freedom is to be rich. For some people, this is working freelance jobs, so they are their own boss. For others, that means working hard for a year and then taking a month-long vacation.

Time is all we have. Money comes and goes — but time only goes. Hold on to precious minutes and make your time more valuable than your money. A luxurious life is ready for you, and it is closer than you think.

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