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February 27, 2023

Skylos Collection, the ethical canine atelier

This week I was sent a particularly exciting package from Skylos Collection, creators of ethical dog accessories, or to put it in a more classy way, the canine atelier.

My package was wrapped and presented beautifully in tissue paper. My gift included a collar, lead, poop bag holder and a box of individually rolled parcels of poop bags. My mum especially liked the beautifully designed and discreet poop bag holder, she always complains that every jacket she owns has a pocket full of poo bags! The poo bag holder attaches to the lead that is handmade in the UK, as all of these doggie accessories are, in luxury vegan apple leather and totally compliments my new collar made with comfort and constant wear in mind.

These vegan-friendly canine accessories come in a variety of colours, ice blue, forest green, silver, blush pink and classic black. My human dad chose classic black, I definitely think he’s trying to make me look a little less pretty and a touch more masculine!

The poop bags are innovative, they are made from 20% oyster shell and 30% post-consumer waste HDPE, super-strong, sturdy and sufficiently, large enough even for those pooches that present log-sized poop! Mine are far more delicate, being a rather slim and athletic Cockapoo!

Now when I walk down the high street  when I’m off the lead rummaging in the undergrowth, I have a spring in my step as I know I look stunning and I get a lot of compliments on my attire when my mum tells my friends that my collar is made from apple!  This luxury sustainable fashion for us dogs champions sustainability and also looks super chic (a look my mum loves on me!)

A little technical info…

These gorgeous accessories are made with apple leather, let’s explain – when fruit juice and compost are made, there are leftovers – stalks, seeds, skins, etc which cannot be used. These are known as pomace and peel, and are what is used in making apple leather.

To make the apple leather, the pomace and peel is dried and then ground into a powder. This apple powder is then mixed with water-based PU resin. At the end of the process, an innovative, vegan sustainable material is created. The apple originates from Northern Italy and are processed into apple leather 10km from Florence, in the heart of Tuscany.

The apple leather is certified as; PETA approved Vegan, OEKO-tex, Global Recycled Standard, ISO, and others!

By choosing to produce locally, Skylos Collective is actively contributing to the preservation of leather craft skills in the UK. These are sadly a dying art but Skylos Collective is actively playing their part in ensuring the cultural heritage of these skills remains in Great Britain. Also, by producing locally, the carbon paw print is reduced as they have fewer transport emissions.

Have total peace of mind knowing that your Skylos Collective wear is made with love and the utmost attention to detail by skilled craftspeople in the beautiful Lancashire countryside.

2% of profits goes to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, a truly incredible organisation supporting animals in underprivileged areas of Cape Town.

T: +44 7587 855 714
W: Skylos Collective

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Written by Hero, Luxuria Lifestle’s company pooch


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