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March 1, 2021

Sniffe & Likkit, Give Your Pooch A Spruce Up This Summer – Because They’re ‘Woof’ It!

Whether it’s a post-walkies wash down or a fabulously fragranced spring clean, treat your dog to the new range of ‘pet-scentric’ pooch-pampering products from Sniffe & Likkit. Based on an all-natural aromatherapy oil scent, the luxurious shampoos, fragrances, balms and wipes represent a gentler approach to dog grooming. Perfect for cleaning muddy paws or sprucing up a dull and dirty furry coat.

Sniffe & Likkit’s signature scent ‘Woodland Wonderfur’ was created by pet aromatherapists using high grade essential oils – renowned for their calming and soothing qualities. Containing a unique blend of cedarwood, vetiver, petitgrain, juniper berry and ho leaf, it imparts a wonderful woodland aroma (‘fougere’ in fine fragrance circles) that appeals to both hounds and humans – and which helps calm dogs when washing and grooming. (With a dog’s sense of smell being incredibly powerful – up to 100,000 times more developed than ours – ‘Wonderfur’ triggers thoughts of frolicking in forests – and makes a welcome change from confusing artificial smells found in many grooming products).

Working hand in hand with the scent is a powerhouse blend of actives and botanicals – including organic aloe vera leaf juice, quillaja soap bark and white willow bark extracts – formulated to deliver optimum fur and skin care benefits. (A plus for pooch parents is the inclusion of natural deodorisers which also waft away woofy whiffs – helping make pet spaces and places smell divine!)

Each Sniffe & Likkit product is beautifully presented in striking yet practical silver aluminium packaging (recyclable and reusable) and easy to use tubes – not to be sniffed at when you’re trying to groom a dog!

 ‘No Rinse Charming’ – A dry shampoo ‘powder shower’! This no-rinse-needed shampoo contains a unique blend of skin and fur-friendly powders specially selected for odour neutralizing and oil absorbing properties. Purified finely ground powders such as multana mitti clay, oatmeal and rye help draw out dirt and impurities, while quickly cleansing and refreshing fur to leave a smooth, silky soft finish. No water’s needed, so it’s perfect for a speedy no-mess spruce up between the more usual soggy doggy wash! £14.00/90g

‘Fragrant Fur Coat’ – This 3 in 1 brightening and conditioning shampoo has been specially formulated with mild cleansing agents and a blend of natural ingredients including quillaja bark and white willow bark extracts. Fur brightening boosters and conditioning agents help keep the coat in tip-top canine condition. The 3 in 1 formula saves time by cleansing, brightening and conditioning all in one, while the aromatic essential oils calm and soothe. £14.00/250ml

 ‘Give A Dog Cologne’ – A fine fragrance-inspired perfume mist with natural aroma-therapeutic essential oils, conditioning agents and botanicals designed to refresh fur fast. The perfect ‘preen and sheen’ and on-the-go spruce-up! £14.00/125ml

‘Wippets’ – Cleansing wipes ideal for dirty paws and chores! Fabulously fragrant and conveniently packed in individual sachets for freshness, they’re perfect to grab and go. Formulated with gentle cleansing agents and a botanical blend quillaja bark and white willow bark extracts, these wipe a whiffy in a jiffy! £7.00/10 refreshing sachets

‘Fab Paw’ – This naturally soothing and conditioning protection balm contains pawpaw (papaya), coconut oil and shea butter – perfect for sore paws and smoothing all the ruff stuff! £14.00/75g

The vegan-friendly Sniffe & Likkit range is now available at Ocado, Fetch and independent pet shops around the country and from the website

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