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February 1, 2021

Snow+Rock reveals thel results of British Snowsports poll

• Snow fans feel that a winter without a snow fix will be a struggle
• More than half of surveyed men (54%) would risk up to four weeks quarantine, for just seven days on the slopes
• Two-thirds (60%) of Londoners surveyed have considered moving to the mountains this winter
• Almost half (47%) of all skiers and snowboarders surveyed would rather have cancelled Christmas than their ski/snowboarding holiday
• After actual skiing and snowboarding, ‘eating and drinking on the mountainside’ will be snow fans’ most missed moments if the season is cancelled

Feeling unsure about whether you’ll get your snow fix this winter and in need of a plan to fill the void? You’re not alone. Leading snowsports specialist Snow+Rock has commissioned The British Snowsports Poll – an independent survey of over 1,000 British snowsports enthusiasts – to uncover how the COVID-19 pandemic and snowsports season uncertainty is affecting them. To what lengths would snow fans go to get their snow fix? How are they feeling about the prospect of a winter without? What alternative plans are they making? And why are they so passionate about powder? Snow+Rock find out…

Skiers would rather cancel Christmas than their Ski holiday

The results revealed that more than half (52%) of skiers and snowboarders felt that it would be hard to go without their snowsports holiday and would be prepared to do everything they could to ensure it still goes ahead, including making some extreme sacrifices. It was found that almost one in two (47%) would cancel Christmas, 23% would go without their mobile phone, an astonishing one in ten (13%) would go without sleep, and 20% would go without sex. Snow fans in Wales were more likely to give up seeing their family, whilst the Scots would rather give up sex and sleep, but not their mobile phone.

Mountain migration?

COVID restrictions don’t appear to faze ardent snowsports enthusiasts, with 40% prepared to quarantine for up to four weeks, to get just seven days on the slopes. Men would be more likely (54%), as would those aged 25-34yrs (55%).

Two-thirds (60%) of London snow-lovers have considered moving to the mountains this winter, having already researched long-term letting options for destinations such as the Alps. This is almost double the national average as 35% of British snowsports fans claim to have considered a migration to the mountains. With the majority of London participants (56%) having more than two snowsports holidays each season (26% have more than three), and with ‘working from home’ now the ‘norm’, it’s easy to see why it’s an attractive option.

Powder passion points

But why are we Brits so passionate about powder? Snow+Rock asked participants to rate the moments they would miss most. Topping the poll after actual skiing and snowboarding was enjoying the mountain lifestyle, eating and drinking, and taking in the views and air. Sitting by a cosy fire came in second, whilst ‘après ski’ was a close third. ‘Spending time with family and friends’ and ‘wearing snowsports gear’ also made the top rankings. Interestingly, people in the East Midlands would miss the mountain views more than they would the actual skiing or snowboarding, and Geordies appear to be the most competitive, being more likely to miss snowball fights and the challenge of a black run.

COVID winter a struggle for snow-lovers

With so many great reasons to love the escape to the snow, it’s understandable then that the thought of having a winter holiday cancelled has left many skiers feeling a little blue. A third of British snowsports fans (30%) say they will be sad and unhappy, whilst almost a quarter (22%) go as far as to say they would be devastated and downright miserable if they’re unable to get away.

Filling the void

Most skiers and snowboarders appear to be holding out for news of travel restrictions lifting, with over 60% yet to make alternative plans and almost one in ten (8%) admitting they haven’t a clue what they’ll do instead. A massive 44% think they’ll end up staying at home and just watching films.

“At Snow+Rock we are absolutely passionate about encouraging winter adventures” said Jose Finch, Managing Director at Outdoor and Cycle Concepts, parent company of Snow+Rock. “Whether it be exploring your local environment or setting yourself personal challenges from home or further afield, we are there to support our customers wherever winter takes them”.

“As snowsports enthusiasts ourselves, we know that there’s nothing quite like a fresh powder run and this survey is a testament to what we and most snowsports enthusiasts feel. However, we also know there are many great winter adventure alternatives in the UK, from peaks to streets” continued Mr Finch. “We’re finding that most of our customers are still gearing up for winter outdoor activities here in the UK”.

Information on the Snow+Rock British Snowsports Poll can be found here along with other interactive content to keep you inspired this season, wherever winter takes you.

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