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February 15, 2021

Snow+Rock’s mountain lover’s guide to lockdown

We belong in the mountains but, once again, the reality is we all need to stay at home right now. And it’s tough. But we’re in this together and there are plenty of ways you can stay connected to and inspired by the outdoors, even if it’s off-limits for now. Here are some ideas from us, to you.

Goal Setting

Sure, your lofty goals of summits and routes might be on hold, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop aiming high. It’s important to go at your own pace and not pressure yourself right now, but if you’re achievement-driven, setting goals will get you motivated and bring back that rush of accomplishment. Whether it’s a non-stop run or a sub-hour 10k, completing a course or getting fluent in a new language (ready to show off on your post-lockdown travels), make it achievable and enjoyable and get ready to feel more determined than ever.

Clean Cooking

If there’s one thing we’re not lacking at the moment, it’s time – aka the main thing that’s been standing between you and actually enjoying making dinner. Use this time to try new recipes, sample fresh ingredients and rely less on pre-packaged food – which means the planet wins, too. You may even pick up great habits that last long after lockdown is over.

Gear Clear Out

Since the great outdoors is off-limits for the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your gear wardrobe and get the essentials prepared ahead of your next adventures. Does your faithful waterproof need washing, reproofing or repairing? Could your least-favourite jacket go to charity, or even better, be donated to a resale or trade-in system like Patagonia Worn Wear?

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Make It Count

More than ever, we need to make the most of that precious time spent getting outdoors and active. Consider things you do day-to-day that you can do in your garden, if you have one – we’re thinking your morning coffee or that book you’ve been meaning to read. When it comes to getting your exercise, anything from slow-going yoga to full-on HIIT can be taken outside for some serious mental health benefits alongside the physical – or, combine a home workout with your daily outdoor exercise to really maximise your time.

Get Sentimental

We may be missing the mountains, but we’ll always have our memories. If you’ve got memory cards full of photos or uncut GoPro footage, why not relive those memories and organise them into albums, try your hand at video editing or even immortalise your favourite shots as paintings? Then spend an afternoon immersed in an outdoor film, blog or podcast to stay inspired and get dreaming of all there is to look forward to.

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