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December 20, 2021

Sotheby’s International Realty presents:Villa Armani in Costa Blanca

Handcrafted luxury without any scars on the landscape.

In the sought-after Costa Blanca, Alicante, you will now find one of the most unique properties of the moment. The villa won a number of real estate awards and was designed by the Italian design archetype Monica Armani. She gave it the refreshing name Morning Breeze.

Architect, furniture and interior designer Armani was engaged by the prestigious property developer Somium, which specialises in sustainable luxury homes in the region. The collaboration has led to this unprecedented result: every detail and every element has been specially selected or even produced by Armani. From the architecture of the rooms to the design of the gardens, and from shades of paint to handmade door handles. A shining pearl in Costa Blanca that is now for sale with VIVA Sotheby’s International Realty.

Playful levels

Instead of simply levelling out a plateau and designing a property on it, the architect decided to make use of the level differences of the plot. In fact, the level differences became part of the design and also determined the layout and overall architecture. The result: playful spaces with slanting sides, unexpected corners and large areas of glass that offer unrestricted views of the vast surroundings.

Furniture design

The traditional, functional and austere principles of Bauhaus are combined with a Mediterranean sun and beach feeling. It resulted in light, airy materials and predominantly calm tones. The architect gave the house a special touch by also designing the furniture. Beautiful examples are the coffee table in the living room, the Tao table made of illuminated concrete in the kitchen and the furniture in the bedrooms.

Local quality

The entrance is unique, to say the least, with a door handmade by local craftsmen, no less than seven metres high, which is flanked by louvres. It makes the villa, as the architect says, ‘a sculpture’. The ground floor is spacious and has a completely open layout, divided into a kitchen, dining areas and various seating areas. Outside there are several terraces so that at any time of day you can enjoy the sun or the shade.

One floor. one room

This first floor is reached by a beautiful, handmade wooden staircase – again produced by local craftsmen. The floor is made of the same material as the staircase, which creates a beautiful coherence. The entire floor consists of almost one large space, with different areas subtly separated from each other. Upon entering, you will be greeted by a splendid, free-standing bathtub with rounded corners with two elegant washstands next to it. To the left of the washing area is the very spacious sleeping area and there are two showers, a toilet separated by a wooden wall and an equally invisible changing room.

Blue water

Very special in this villa is the infinity pool on the ground floor level. Instead of opting for blue wall panelling, the walls are made of four layers of very high quality safety glass. It gives the clear water the colour of the sea. Nice detail: from the basement you can see the underwater part of the pool.

These windows filter the sunlight through the water and bathe the basement in fairy light. On this floor, you will also find the other two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a relaxation room, a spa with jacuzzi and sauna and a garage with space for five cars.


Sustainability was the guiding principle throughout the project, both in the use of technology and in the choice of materials: everything was done with a view to the long term. For the production of all kinds of elements, local craftsmen were used as much as possible, in order to reduce the footprint to a minimum, among other things. The walls, for example, are made of natural stone from the local quarry in the Sierra de Carrascoy, where the stone has been traditionally extracted for over a century. An additional advantage is that this stone has the beautiful sandy hue that the architect had in mind all along. It combines beautifully with the many whites and woods.

Prize winners

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is an exclusive residential complex built around an 18-hole golf course. It is located in a protected enclave on the Costa Blanca. The resort has been awarded several times as ‘Europe’s Leading Villa Resort’ and ‘Spain’s Leading Villa Resort’ at the World Travel Awards and ‘Best golf course in Spain’. The property itself has won both the architecture and developer award at the European Property Awards 2020 and 2021.

· The home is located on the world-famous, award-winning golf resort Las Colinas.

· It consists of 902 m2 of floor area, built on a plot of 2,010 m2 and has 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. From each bedroom, the view is truly phenomenal.

· Everywhere in the villa, you will find special design items, which are included in the purchase of the villa.
· The price of the villa is 4,850,000 euros.
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