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October 28, 2021

Steve Porter launches Signed99, creating unique portraits for clients, worldwide

Signed99 is a new and very exclusive venture from UK-based artist Steve Porter, consisting of 99 commissions to paint spectacular double-portraits of clients’ signatures.

Signed99 offers a very small number of clients, worldwide, an unprecedented limited-edition opportunity to celebrate themselves and their name.

Steve Porter is best known for his career in the creation of large-scale community murals and sculptures where he collaborated for 20 years with different groups of all ages on dynamic projects throughout the UK. Signed99 redirects his attention back to the individual, in this radical redefining of the traditional portrait painting.

“It is an honour to offer this service to people,” said Steve. “Because everyone in the world has a name, it makes the art feel so powerful.”

Each exquisite Signed99 signature portrait is lovingly made upon top quality deep-edged canvas, with its unique Signed99 number (01-99) proudly displayed upon both sides. Clients’ signatures are recreated twice upon the surface to create a beautiful aesthetic balance across the artwork.

The lines that make up the signature are surrounded by swirling textured marks, as Steve’s brushes respond instinctively and intuitively to the shapes that comprise each individual name. This texturing creates a multitude of shadow effects through an infinite variety of lighting conditions.

“The textures add movement to the artwork,” said Steve. “And time, which is crucial in giving a piece life.”

The edges of every canvas face are surrounded by a border of bright merging colours, juxtaposing the ultra-cool monochrome on the main surface. The colours are placed to represent the hidden depths of our characters, both conscious and unconscious. Just like a traditional portrait.

The standard size of each Signed99 commission is a boldly pronounced 3’/4’ (91cm/122cm), however commissions can be made to any scale, be it larger or smaller, according to clients’ specific requirements. Steve is available to liaise closely with clients throughout the process.

Every commission is undertaken by Steve Porter personally with the levels of care and attention you would expect for such a luxuriously singular creation. All of Steve’s experience and expertise go into every one of the thousands of subtle marks that combine gloriously within every portrait.

“I just love painting,” said Steve. “There is a picture of me as a kid on the website, painting. I’ve always felt the same. I’m still that boy.”

As well as being a celebration of the “now” and championing our individualism, Signed99 signature portraits also create a very personal heirloom for future generations, incapsulating the stories of our lives, prompting memories and keeping our histories alive.

“It is a privilege for me to be painting these commissions,” said Steve. “I get a real sense of them being part of people’s lives, of people living with them, for years to come. It’s a fantastic responsibility.”

The history of Signed99 dates all the way back to 1991, when Steve had his signature assessed by a fairground machine while on vacation in the UK seaside town of Brighton. The machine very accurately described his character. Even the slightly less complementary aspects! This prompted the idea of a signature being a kind of portrait, a visual vehicle, carrying information about us.

In 2018 Steve made a double-portrait of his own signature, which made an unexpectedly powerful statement and had an extremely life-affirming presence while on display. Realising that others might choose to enjoy the same incredible experience of having their signatures recreated on such a major scale, Steve set to work devising Signed99.

“Signatures are like our own personal logo, our individual branding,” said Steve.

He began by taking hundreds of photographs of his original signature artwork in different environments to show the work off in an entertaining and illuminating way. Rather than just repeating the same thing, over and over. These wonderfully varied images serve as examples for each of the 01-99 numbers available.

Several commissions have already been sold and work is magnificently underway. As an artist, Steve is thrilled by the works being so varied, despite the parameters being the same:

“There has been an incredible variety already. You can really get a sense of someone. Even though clients aren’t present, as they would be for a traditional portrait, their signature brings the spirit of them into the studio.”

These artworks are all about helping people feel good about themselves, affirming their place in the world.

Be part of this extraordinarily bold limited-edition set. Only 99 will ever be made.

Every commission has its own unique number within the Signed99 range, from 01-99. All commissions arrive with an authenticity certification and a bottle of excellent Champagne to celebrate with.

For further information of Steve Porter and Signed99 signature portraits, please visit the Signed99 website and follow him on Instagram

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