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December 31, 2020

Struggling to DIY a Haircut During the Lockdown?

We are now living in trying times. Locked in our homes because of COVID-19, we struggle with even the simplest of things. A great example of this is cutting our hair.

Going to the barber or hairdresser has been (and still is) a big part of our lives. Some people may even say that it is a form of ritual in which we all participate involuntarily. However, this part of our lives has become much more challenging to manage as different restrictions have been put in place to stop coronavirus spread.

It is no surprise that some people who are stuck at home have already tried attempting DIY hairdressing — with mixed results. Even famous names like Anushka Sharma have been seen giving haircuts to their family members.

This article is here to provide you with tips on becoming the best hairdresser during coronavirus lockdown. Now you will be able to make your fringe fabulous!

Get a Set of Professional Scissors

If you are thinking about doing a haircut yourself, forget about your kitchen scissors. For the best results, you should look up to the professionals. This way, you will treat your hair like you should.

No hairstylist can achieve greatness without a piece of great equipment at his or her side. Make sure to buy high-quality hairdressing scissors, and you will notice the difference in your haircutting immediately. You can check Scissor Tech  for great deals.

However, remember that your first DIY haircut might not be perfect. In this case — keep trying. No one was born a great hairdresser. Try to gain experience. You will get that fringe right one day!

Watch Some Tutorials

As mentioned before — no one gets born an expert. Even if you are looking for easy to make DIY haircuts, you will probably struggle. It is natural.

Nonetheless, you can avoid some of the most common rookie mistakes by watching tutorials online about cutting hair. The Internet is a fantastic place where every niche can get fulfilled.

If you want to join the experts in hairdressing, search for them online. You can gain an incredible amount of experience and fast!

Be Careful

While cutting our hair ourselves, we can sometimes go overboard. To avoid regretting the decision to pick up the hairdressing scissors in the first place, try to be mindful of your actions.

Good advice for a beginner for cutting hair is to try not to cut too much. After all, you can always quickly remove lots of hair, but getting it back on your head is not so easy!

What is more, while cutting hair, you have to be precise. Especially if you are not a professional, remember that precision matters. Try to find a helpful article or video about point cutting.

The tips that you will receive will help you in the future. And if you are trying out your skills on others, they will appreciate that you are not trying to remove half of their hair when all you had to do was getting rid of split ends.

Keep Your Hair Type in Mind

Remember that there is a huge difference when it comes to cutting different types of hair. Accordingly, you have to treat all of them differently. Is your hair straight or curly? Or maybe wavy? The structure of your hair matters a lot.

Note that also not every type of hair is fitting for a particular hairstyle. It is much harder to, for example, make luscious locks from straight hair than from curly hair.

You can buy specific products for your type of hair, too. This is a great way to make sure that your hair will look healthy and beautiful!

Gather All the Needed Equipment

There are many things you should look for when considering making a DIY haircut. It would be best if you also thought about grabbing a cutting comb and a mirror. Bonus points for safety pins! If you do not know how to use all these products, try to remember what your hairdresser used them for or, again, check online for clues.


Now you should be well-equipped to face doing a DIY haircut during the lockdown. Have you ever wanted to have the same hairstyle as people like Cristiano Ronaldo or Archana Kavi? Now you can. And you can do it by yourself at your home!

Hopefully, soon the coronavirus lockdown will be a distant memory. However, until this time comes, we are all our private hairstylists. DIY haircuts are just an indispensable part of our new reality.

With hair salons closed, we have to depend more on ourselves and others willing to help us. Of course, we are not professional hairdressers, but we can surely get off the tiger’s back with a little bit of practice. What is a better time and place to practice than now in the privacy of our home? Good luck!

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