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May 26, 2022

Success Secrets That Set Celebrity Hairstylists Apart

Hairstyling is a craft, and mastering it requires talent, skill, and practice. You need to understand the client inside out, from their facial structure to their needs and expectations. Going the extra mile with empathy can transform you into a magician with your styling tools. A career in the industry is exciting and rewarding, and it becomes all the more alluring when you get celebrity clients. Nothing can get more thrilling than handling the tresses of a celebrity everyone loves.

But being a star stylist entails a lot more responsibility than trimming, styling, and coloring for random clients. Reaching the status takes a lot of hard work and a stroke of good luck. Not everyone gets there, and sustaining in the top echelons is even more challenging. Successful celebrity hairstylists have some trade secrets that set them apart. Here are the ones aspiring professionals must know before trying their luck.

Be passionate about your craft

Great stylists are passionate professionals who want to create magic every time they hold their tools. Mastering the skill takes more than formal training, and it entails a love for the art. Of course, you cannot experiment with new trends and techniques with your celebrity clients. But you can practice with dummies and master new ways to cut, style, and color. Once you are confident about them, you can even show the results to your clients. If they are impressive enough, your client may even give a nod. Expect to be an overnight sensation once you get a new trend endorsed by a celebrity. But it takes passion to try relentlessly to create something good enough.

Keep growing skills

Learning and education are lifelong processes for successful hairstylists. Not everyone can create new trends and invent new techniques. But you can be an early adopter of innovation to stay on top of client expectations. Your celebrity client will probably want to try the newest ones in the market, and training and learning enable you to fulfill their wish. Keep track of the latest in the industry, and develop the skill sooner than later. The last thing you want to face is the risk of losing your star clients only because you cannot handle their hair confidently.

Listen to the client

This one is a no-brainer, whether you style for a star or cater to common people stepping into your studio. Listen closely to every client and understand what they want. Building a connection with the person who trusts you enough to cut and style their hair takes you a long way. Celebrity clients are often clear about their expectations, so dealing with them is easy. But do not hesitate to voice your opinion if something does not apparently look right for them. You may have a hard time convincing them, but they will surely be thankful for your advice eventually. Love your client enough to do the best rather than feel the pressure and give in blindly!

Love your tools

Hairstylists should be comfortable with their tools to bring the best results to their clients. Changing them frequently means you have to get accustomed to a new one every time you switch. Surprisingly, you may lose touch. Celebrity hairstylists invest in quality tools and develop a comfort level with them. Picking Balton hair shears is a great idea because they are durable and have a lifetime service warranty. You need not worry about replacing them, even if you require a sharpening, polishing, or balancing service down the line. These tools last forever, so you can cut and style without stressing about becoming habitual to new ones.

Know your self-worth

You may gain some clients and lose a few, even as a celebrity stylist. Most professionals in the industry have come across a sorry situation at some point in their careers. But relentless self-belief is the secret that keeps them going on the path to success. Experts suggest knowing your self-worth because you deliver a unique experience to your clients. You give them an opportunity to look beautiful, feel good, and become trendsetters. You deserve applause for your skills and talent, so pat your back every time you experience your motivation ebbing. Remember that losing a client does not define your professional weakness. Maybe, they just needed a change, and you need it well. The best thing to do is move forward and look for new opportunities.

Surround yourself with positive people

Life isn’t easy when you work for a star as people try to pull you down and poach your clients. You will probably get criticism along with acclaim every time your celeb client steps out after a makeover. Take a cue from your client because they take the good and the bad in a stride. They can be a source of inspiration as they trust you to make them look good and change their style. Remember to surround yourself with positive people who encourage you and boost your morale throughout your professional journey.

Stick with your expertise

While you must develop your skills and experiment with innovation over the years, sticking with your expertise should be a priority. Identify what sets you apart, why celebrities love your services, and how you got them on board in the first place. If hair coloring is your expertise, go the extra mile with it. You may venture into color and care products to grow professionally. Stepping beyond your comfort zone may sound exciting, but remember to be loyal to the skill that got you where you are.

Another secret that all celebrity stylists share is being realistic. It is easy to be swept away by your success and face, but you must understand that the industry is dynamic. You may be out of the picture before you know it, so be ready to win and lose. Take a practical approach, and avoid being insecure and overly emotional in your work. Get tough, take constructive criticism, and stay true to your profession. The more you love your work, the better you get with it.

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