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July 19, 2022

Summer Fabrics To Beat The Heat

We are now fully fledged into the swing of summer and boy is it hot! Record highs in some parts of the world and everybody’s talking about their favourite topics – the weather and how to beat it!

If you’re looking to enjoy the summer months with glowing glamour instead of sweaty style, then we have some summer fabrics you will love.

With your comfort in mind, these fabrics are all lightweight and breathable to leave you to enjoy the summer without wardrobe mishaps!

Here are the top 10 fabrics to beat the heat on these hotter-than-hot summer days.

1# Cotton

Cotton is breathable and beautiful to wear. It is a fibrous material that has minute spaces, allowing air to flow freely, leaving you feeling cool as a cucumber. It is highly in demand and so widely available in local retail stores. This summer is showcasing hot summer colours to match the heat.


Linen is usually on the pricier side, but so worth it. It is made from flax fibres which are durable and breathable. Buy a stunning wardrobe piece in linen and you’ll still be enjoying hot summer days in it 10 years from now!

3# Georgette

Georgette is a thin, free-flowing, soft material made from silk yarns or synthetic silk. This is why it’s such a good fabric for hot summer months and if you go the synthetic route, it won’t break the bank either.

4# Khadi

This is not such a well-known fabric, but anything made from Khadi is bound to provide that cooler feel you need. Its popularity started during the Swadeshi revolution in the early twentieth century and continues on today. You just might have to look a bit harder.

5# Silk

Silk is luxuriously cool, but did you know it also has antibacterial properties that allow ventilation? Not only that but it will help to regulate your temperature as soon as you put it on! There’s just something that shouts premium quality about silk, perfect for 5-star summer holiday destinations…

6# Organza

This fabric is traditionally made from silk. It is a sheer, lightweight fabric used for sarees, which are usually about 9 yards long. Even with all that fabric, it still keeps you cool! Like silk, this will provide the much-needed ventilation to stay cool and enjoy the sunshine.

7# Chiffon

Chiffon can be made of silk, rayon or synthetic fabrics, like polyester. It is lightweight, sheer and elegant. Perfect for stylish tops, skirts or a shawl to keep you cool and hassle-free this summer.

8# Crepe

Crepe, like the food, is light as a feather, soft, delicious and versatile. Well-known for goddess-like dress styles and shirt detail, this fabric is set to be a staple to beat the heat this summer.

9# Viscose

Viscose is a combination of natural and synthetic materials that provide a lightweight, breezy feel to your clothes. This is a popular fabric for underwear and sportswear, because of it’s breathable feel and flexibility.

10# Chambray

If you have hated putting your denim away during the hotter days then Chambray could be your answer. It’s a lighter, more fluid material that provides all the style without sweat!

Glowing Glamour, Not Sweaty Style…

Is the name of the game. Invest in some key pieces that will become your summer favourites for years to come with these breathable, durable, timeless fabrics. Most are available in your local retail stores, others you may have to look a little further for. But the one thing you won’t be doing is sweating it! Happy shopping!

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