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August 14, 2023

Sushi Samba – a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine

I visited Rome last week and dined at one of the most famous restaurants there; you had to queue to get in, it was that popular. Whilst dining, it gave me food for thought on what places in London would be the equivalent. I asked a few of my friends if they had to recommend to tourists the best places, restaurants or things to do, what would they be? It was no surprise that Sushi Samba came up multiple times, and I have to agree. Sushi Samba boasts the highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe, has beautiful panoramic views of the City and has outstanding food. No wonder Sushi Samba rolls off the tongue when approached with this question!

When dining, what separates one place from another, is the whole experience. Sushi Samba and Duck and Waffle excel at this, with their staff being a key reason for repeat visits. Regardless of who you are, I have confidence they’ll treat you like royalty, making any occasion feel special.

Sushi Samba is on the 38th/39th floor of the Heron Tower at 110 Bishopsgate. This restaurant has the wow factor making it the perfect place to dine for a special occasion, and if you love sunset views, booking a sunset table is an absolute must!

Before dinner, my guest and I had some drinks outside on the terrace whilst soaking in the most beautiful views, which confirmed that Sushi Samba is a hotspot whether you’re from London or if you’re here visiting.

If you’re new to Japanese cuisine, the menu may seem overwhelming; rather than ordering one individual dish, it encourages you to sample a variation of smaller plates creating a shared dining experience. They have four tiers of tasting menus called Taste Of Samba, ranging from £70-£100 per person and a great way to try out new dishes.

I was impressed with how much food there was for a set menu, especially the portion sizes; you will not leave without a full stomach here. The dishes are a mixture of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian; there is a wide range of things to sample and my favourite style of dining. Although I enjoyed every dish, the standout dishes for me were:

Green bean tempura
Robata asparagus
Japanese wagyu maki
Chefs’ selection Nigiri

The set menus are such a brilliant idea; you get to try so many dishes you may not have originally ordered; who knew green beans could taste so delicious? I like that you try things you may not usually choose, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised each time with something new you love!

Also, their lychee cooler cocktail has got to be one of the best cocktails I’ve ever drunk, that’s a huge statement to make, and I stand by it! They come in these huge, tall glasses, the taste of coconut cream and lychee is a match made in heaven and is a must-order when you visit!

Their chocolate banana cake is a best-seller, with a sticky toffee pudding-like consistency and served with delicious vanilla rum ice cream; it’s certainly a crowd pleaser and is on the menu at each of the Sushi Samba restaurants.

If you’re looking for an evening with unforgettable views, a friendly ambience and food that will leave you wanting more, Sushi Samba is a must-visit!

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Written by Danielle Tobin for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

Instagram / #Luxurialife