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January 28, 2021

Taylor Gray Ltd – The Private Household Staffing Solution

Imagine returning home to find everything in its place, your belongings meticulously organised, every surface sparkling, a freshly prepared nutritious meal awaiting your return, and a qualified professional on hand to cater to your individual childcare needs. This is a reality for many HNW individuals and families who recruit private staff via Taylor Gray Ltd.

Spearheaded by entrepreneur Dominique Taylor, Taylor Gray is the name on the tip of the tongue of every HNW family in London and beyond. Her impeccable luxury private staffing system is praised worldwide for being 100 percent bespoke to every client’s needs.

Specialising in the placement of high-calibre private staff into homes, chalets, and yachts, both in the UK and globally. Her company, Taylor Gray, has become a household name in the industry providing HNW families with a bespoke private staffing solution that goes above and beyond regardless of where you are in the world. From successfully staffing homes, super yachts and private planes, one thing is for sure, Taylor Gray’s founder has a natural talent for matching a client with a suitable candidate.

She brings over 20 years of industry experience, beginning her career in the hospitality sector and turning that passion into a fully-fledged luxury private staffing empire. The agency itself is a compendium of highly qualified and talented private staff ranging from butlers and nannies to housekeepers and personal assistants. In its extensive portfolio of private staff, you will find highly capable candidates ready to streamline every aspect of a client’s life from childcare and household duties to nutrition and leisure with mesmerising efficiency.

Perhaps you require a PA to manage your diary, organise meetings or keep on top of your inbox or maybe you need a nanny to tend to and engage your child in both learning and play? Taylor Gray is, for many, the stepping stone to successfully running a household. Perhaps you need a private yacht staffed for a family vacation or a private plane organising for a corporate trip? Nothing is out of the realms of possibility here.

The sought-after luxury London-based recruitment specialist attracts an elite clientele and as a result, its services reflect this. Every client is unique and part of the success of Taylor Gray is down to Dominique’s ability to offer a truly bespoke and tailored client experience. Whether you want a bi-lingual nanny, a private chef to encourage a healthy lifestyle or a PA to manage appointments, there is a candidate ready to fill these roles.

Providing a tailored service is what sets Taylor Gray apart from the rest. She reveals, “We strive to provide a private staffing service that is as unique as you are.”

“There is no room in today’s private staff sector for generic services. Gone are the days where a nanny is simply expected to provide basic childcare duties. Our staff are trained to manage your life in all aspects, both professionally and personally. From the moment our staff are placed, they hit the ground running, working tirelessly to transform your household and free up your schedule so you can prioritise your commitments as you wish.”

An advocate for personal enrichment, Dominique recognises that her clients’ time is valuable and limited. She understands that many want to live fulfilled and focussed lives without being bogged down with life admin and having a plethora of impeccably trained staff on site allows clients to deal with the challenges that the pace of daily life creates. This was the sole inspiration behind her brand and it is client satisfaction that still drives her forward to this day.

“The luxury private staff you employ effortlessly completes the luxury lifestyle many of our HNW clients enjoy ensuring everything runs seamlessly leaving you to enjoy the things that count.”

She continues, “Personal enrichment is at the very core of everything Taylor Gray does. Many of our HNW clients want to prioritise personal growth and quality time as a family and having a member of staff at home to manage the household can really take your luxury lifestyle to the next level.”

Providing herself on a rigorous vetting process. Not only does this establish her agency as one you can trust, but it also shows her dedication to sourcing the perfect candidate for the role.

She says, “Through our knowledge and dedication, we source the most capable candidates that boast a skill set that matches your exact requirements wherever you are in the world.”

It was only when the world turned upside down in March 2020, that the importance and value of the private staffing sector was truly realised. Never before had childcare or housekeeping been of such concern as when the schools closed and the nation locked down. Taylor Gray rose to the challenge.

Dominique explains, “The Coronavirus Pandemic has been eye-opening and challenging in equal measure, but we are delighted to be able to offer our valued clients a service that has such a dramatic impact and provide some much-needed respite at this time”.

“As a company, you are only as good as your employees and that’s why we only take on candidates of the highest calibre to place in our client’s homes. Demand has soared for household support during 2020 and our client list has grown sufficiently in the last year.”

Another of Taylor Gray’s USPs is that their services are 100 percent adaptable which has in no doubt been the number one reason business is booming despite a global pandemic.

As Dominique explains, “A lot of clients’ needs change over time and we are on hand to help them to adapt. Whether it’s the arrival of a new baby or a change in lifestyle or personal circumstances, we are there to offer expert advice and support in the shape of a selection of the finest candidates in the UK and beyond. The Pandemic has brought with it unprecedented change and we have been our client’s first port of call to help cater for these changes.”

Taylor Gray offers on-going support to clients and from the moment a client takes advantage of their recruitment services, it’s clear that no staffing solution is set in stone. The team check in regularly to ensure the current staff and their duties are still servicing the client’s requirements to the highest level and again, this can be adapted to the client’s ever changing needs. Having a flexible approach to private staffing has never been more important as it has been during Covid 19.

As a business, Taylor Gray have had to adapt internally and have made a number of changes to the way they recruit and interview candidates to ensure the safety of staff, clients and candidates.

Dominique states, “Our aim is to give everyone a sense of safety and wellbeing while still catering to the needs of our elite clients.”

For more information, visit Taylor Gray to find out how you can benefit from a bespoke private staff placement.

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