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December 5, 2023

Tefal – Tidying expert, Nicola Lewis, shares her storage secrets

Latest research shows that almost half (40%) of Brits struggle to store all of the cookware they own. This research was conducted by Tefal to celebrate the innovative Ingenio range, the perfect pans for those feeling overwhelmed by kitchen clutter thanks to its removable handles.

This research also found that over a third (37%) claim their kitchen simply isn’t big enough for all their kitchen essentials even though the majority of those surveyed own just 1-5 (34%) or 6-10 (42%) pots and pans.

To help restore some order to the homes of the UK, Tefal partnered with tidying expert Nicola Lewis, the de-cluttering and storage genius behind the Instagram account, thisgirlcanorganise to demonstrate the many uses of the Ingenio range and share the top tips and tricks she uses for keeping her kitchen organised.

Nicola’s advice centres around the functionality of the space. She says, “The kitchen is the heart of the house so everything inside it must have a home. Giving this area practical and functional sections will allow you to enjoy this space more as you’ll know where everything is and the layout will be much more efficient. The kitchen is also a popular place for guests to hang out in, so it’s important to keep this space neat.”

Nicola’s top 5 tips for keeping kitchens organised are:

Sort items into category order and give all items a home
Label baskets, containers and storage boxes so everyone in the home knows where everything is
Consider keeping the things you use and love nearby
Store the seasonal items in those hard-to-reach areas like the corner cupboards and utility areas
Use open shelving in a kitchen for easy access to frequently used items, this forces you to keep things neat and it’s also great for small kitchens because it opens up the space visually

Nicola’s top 3 buys for an organised kitchen include:

A set of mixing bowls and food containers that nest inside one another
A wall-mounted magnetic knife holder to keep knives organised and in one place
An expandable cabinet shelf that goes inside your kitchen cabinets to add more surface area allowing you to utilise the entire space inside

With Nicola’s expert tips in mind, Tefal’s Ingenio Emotion range is the perfect kitchen companion in a stainless-steel finish and a compact, stackable design that saves up to 50% space over traditional cookware*. The Ingenio range comes in various set sizes from 4-pieces all the way up to the 22-piece set. The removable handles are designed to support up to 10kg** and are backed by a 10-year guarantee***. The additional feature of the clever Thermo-Signal™ indicates when the pan is at the ideal temperature for perfect searing and the titanium non-stick coating is 2x stronger for extra durability****.

Nicola highlighted the benefits of the Ingenio Set, and said, “The Ingenio set allows me to save so much space inside my kitchen cupboards. You don’t need to have loads of space for these pans as they neatly stack inside each other. I love the fact I can take any of the pans from the hob to the oven once the handles are removed and place them into the dishwasher without the handles to clean too. We always have leftovers after cooking a meal so once the pans have cooled down, we pop them straight in the fridge, with the provided lids, giving us fresher food for the next day and less washing up!” (Ingenio Emotion 22 Piece Pan Set, £375.00, currently £225.00 in the Black Friday sale with SAVE BIG here).

Nicola also shared some of her favourite dishes to make using her Ingenio Set for efficiency and ease.

“One of my favourite dishes to make using the Ingenio range is a chicken pot pie. It’s so quick and easy to make the filling on the hob and then we simply transfer to the oven (removing the handle) with the puff pastry topper to cook further. I’m also a huge fan of the sauté pan with the high sides and a lid. As someone who cooks a lot of ‘one pot’ dishes, these pans have provided a huge amount of flexibility for these types of meals.”

For more delicious space-saving recipe ideas with the Ingenio range, head to the Tefal app. The Ingenio ranges are available to buy from Tefal from £85.00 to £375.00.

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