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November 1, 2021

Terrae Restaurant – Pollenca Seeking a good result with a simple process

Recently we reviewed restaurant Terrae in the lovely coastal village of Pollenca, Mallorca.

We were invited by Chef David to experience his peculiar taste in food and his vision on zero waste sustainable gastronomy. As he said to us: “If you are ready to enjoy a new experience, with all that our way of thinking implies, I am convinced you’ll leave satisfied.”

So we set out to experience Terrae. Located in a picturesque little alley in Port de Pollenca right behind the waterfront boulevard, the restaurant welcomes you with warm ambient lighting, simple wooden chairs and tables tastefully decorated with brass cutlery and light blue serviettes that look like rags. Different but stylish, it fits the whole picture, and it feels very authentic.

The enthusiasm of the young and energetic staff is contagious. The love for their philosophy and their eagerness to offer you a wonderful time is something that you rarely come across these days.

As Terrae aims for tasteful results with a simple process, knowledge and common sense combined with genuine local products, we’ve asked them to surprise us, so we’d get the best experience of what their zero waste concept and food philosophy is all about.

The wonderful menu that was presented to us:

Leek and duck croquettes both with mayonnaise and some beet and onion powders.

Suckling pig tacos with avocado cream, a little bit spicy tomato sauce and a lemon pickled onion.

Wild purslane salad with pumpkin cream dots, almond mayonnaise, and beet and bell pepper pickle.

Grilled heron with different oils and vinegars, a sweet crumble and a little bit of purslane.

Grilled avocado with eggplant cream, fried zucchini leaves and some samphire.

Duck confit marinated for 24 hours and then grilled with pickled beet and pumpkin cream

Rayfish grilled with a lemon pickled onion and eggplant cream.

Potatoes Terrae, seasoned in vinegar, garlic and green oil (parsley and basil) with vegan aioli foam.

Tasting these dishes that are certainly different, it is very obvious that they try to make the most out of each product they use, using it in several ways in different dishes, always aiming for zero waste.

They create their own sauces, powders, and foams with products that others would not use. It definitely strengthens the ingenuity and creativity that characterises David’s restaurant. As David explains to us, when something’s good, it’s good. There’s nothing more to it.

His dishes are simple, with few products and very specific flavours. You either like it, or you don’t.

They have been continuously growing since the start as a 100% sustainable restaurant, up until the point they are now a reference in the north of the island thanks to the support of the locals, who knew how to value their concept from the beginning more than 5 years ago.

Wether you are a local or a tourist, Terrae definitely needs to be on your bucket list.

E:   Reservations
T:  +34 620 70 72 52
A:  Virgen del Carmen, 19 – 07470 Puerto de Pollenca
W: Terrae Restaurant

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