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April 1, 2024

Thameen London introduce BRAVI The Britologne Collection

Under the “artistic residency” of Christopher Chong, Thameen London is proud to announce the release of the third fragrance from The Britologne Collection, titled Bravi. Reimagined as Cologne Elixir with more faceted nuances layering over the classical structure of cologne, it evokes memorable sillage and seductive longevity.

Bravi’s adventure begins at the opera house, which is the most iconic building in Covent Garden. A place where love and passion for the opera ignite friendships. Chong tells the tale, “I missed going to the opera with my friends during the pandemic. As soon as restrictions were lifted, I organised box seats for the opening of a new production, so I could reunite with friends who shared the same passion. It also happened by chance that a good friend of mine was the diva of the opera. Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, whom I haven’t seen for some time, was among the invited.

After the performance, I mentioned to Bruno that it would be wonderful to mark the occasion with a fragrance to remember humane attributes we take for granted – trust, friendship, and loyalty.”

After Jovanovic’s melodic interpretation of the Flower Market (now an annex of the opera house) with Fanfare, he returns with another olfactory display of bravura: “The final chapter of the Covent Garden trilogy is all about wannabe divos and a diva. We imagine the idea of creating a Queen of the Night flower fragrance that would be essential to the magic of the performance.” Combined with Chong’s unconventional touch of artistry, the story of Thameen London Limited friends going to the opera is adapted into a pantomime script full of magic and mishaps to colour Jovanovic’s imagination. In tune with the pantomime script, Jovanovic’s lifelong obsession with comic book superheroes becomes an asset to this fragrance development: “We imagine the opera diva finding herself in a helpless situation.

In order to save the performance and to make it even more extraordinary, we re-create the scent of the Queen of the Night flower, which gives her magical powers. During the olfactory exploration of the Queen of the Night, we take the path of sensuality, but in a dramatic and over the top sensational way. The fragrance has to be extremely sexy, perfect for the evening. Intoxicating tuberose is spiced up with an overdose of ginger and dramatised with a novel walnut milk accord. The notes are blended in a way that accents the tension between them.”

Bravi is emblazoned with all the goodness of decent humane attributes of trust, friendship and loyalty in our pantomime stage of divos’ tantrums and diva’s mishaps. Chong concludes, “Bravo is an Italian word to express approval with clapping and shouting when a performer has given a superb performance. We use the plural form, bravi, to reinforce our genderful ethos to be inclusive of all genders, identities and unbearable divos and divas. Re- presenting the “all’s well that ends well” spirit of a pantomime, bravi to those who have exemplified loyalty and friendship during and after the pandemic.”

Bravi is presented in Thameen London’s signature bottle in clear frosted glass with a magnetic silver cap.

Thameen fragrances are available at Selfridges, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty London, and here

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