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June 8, 2024

Thameen London release new fragrance – Not Telling

Thameen London is proud to collaborate with Harrods with this new release, Not Telling, created by Sophie Labbé under the artistic direction of Christopher Chong. This fragrance project begins with a story shared by both Labbé and Chong. Remaining true to the connotation of the name, they are not telling.

Not Telling is inspired by the Année 80 Exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at Paris which both Labbé and Chong attended together. For Labbé, “It was a moment of total immersion in the aesthetics of the 1980s, with its flashy colours and warrior women in epaulette jackets. I was struck by the notion of their power, which I translated into this sophisticated alchemy of seduction.”

Labbé offers a contemporary and ultra-sensual version of the audacious fragrances of the 1980s. Exaggerated with amber and opulent carnal floral scents like the ‘80s, Labbé explains, “I want to create a fragrance epitomising glamour, sensuality, power and yet something refined. First, I work on a heart built around a luminous infusion with an animalic Indian Tuberose Absolute. I combine it with Ylang Ylang essence to give it a sunny aura. Then, I add depth and roundness to this bouquet with Tonka Bean, Madagascar Vanilla Absolute, Australian Sandalwood and an Ambergris Accord. These beautiful ingredients give a carnal, sensual and powerful trail. Finally, I create a contrast with a fresh and sparkling top with a B*tchy Accord illustrated with a peachy facet of Italian Mandarin and Coconut Accord as a nod to the playful decadence of the ‘80s. It gives the fragrance a bold and naughty signature, which adds contrast and modernity to the construction. This fragrance is ultra-dosed, inevitably nostalgic and modern at the same time.”

Not Telling is truly a tour de force olfactory portrait of the High Life. Chong elaborates, “Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been amused by the lives socialites lead, especially the world Slim Aarons mythologised with his spontaneous portraits of these uber style icons. For me, looking in from the outside encourages my imagination to embellish stories of the way they live because in their coded and secretive world, they never tell. I plan to explore this Harrods Exclusive Collection more with future releases looking at vignettes of the High Life seen through my rose-tinted glasses, since I wouldn’t know what goes on in their world because they are not telling.”

Not Telling is presented in Thameen London’s signature bottle in Harrods green with a magnetic black cap.

Fragrance Notes:

Top – Coconut Water, Mandarin, Peachy Accord,
Heart – Tuberose, Vintage Lily, Ylang Ylang
Base – Ambergris Accord, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Stockist details: Thameen Not Telling, available exclusively at Harrods – £375.00 / 100ml.

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